My Obsession With The Supremes

3 March 2019

Is it unusual for a seventeen-year old Hispanic boy to imagine himself in the sixties singing as one of the Supremes? The thought seems to become more of an obsession and a dream every day. Every time I hear one of their songs, even in a rush, I have to stop and listen to the entire song and nothing else exists. I mention the Supremes’ name at least five times a day. I know the lyrics to all of their songs and I’ve seen enough performances online to imitate their mouths, their dance moves, and that huge smile Diana Ross gives in every performance. In my eyes, I am the fourth Supreme.

Every obsession has some bad consequences. I sometimes did not concentrate well on tests because I was more focused on a Supremes song stuck in my head and my grade reflected my negligence. If I hear a song that is not sung by the Supremes, I almost immediately categorize it as tawdry, because all I want to hear are the Supremes and no else. And because I strive so hard to be like them, at least in voice, I actually challenge my voice too much instead of changing it to a comfortable key. And then I get discouraged about singing instead of trying to build it so I can eventually sing some of their songs.

My Obsession With The Supremes Essay Example

But the obsession has some good results too. It’s helped me tremendously in conversation with my family and even some of my friends. And I found that, we can talk and feel for each other through their songs. They have given me great advice with “You Can’t Hurry Love”. I cheer for them like they were my best friends when they sing “Back in My Arms Again” and “I Hear a Symphony”. And I cry for them whenever I hear “Where Did Our Love Go” or “Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone”.

The true essence of my adoration for them is the package and the image they projected. They managed to be embraced by both whites and blacks in a time of civil rights and this inspires me to new heights because it proves to me that, no matter what the circumstances, your dreams are really possible, no matter what the odds. They were extremely hard workers, which leaves me in awe and adoration because every performance had tight harmonies and perfect dance timing. And, as an aspiring writer, they are great storytellers. Every note they sing conveys emotion, drama, and excitement. I can never hear a song of theirs the same way twice. As my all-time favorite performers, “supreme” really is the best word to describe their importance and value to me. I’m glad they existed and, to quote their most famous song, they’ll always be my “Baby Loves”.

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