My OJT Experience

8 August 2016

My Alta Learning Experience In the beginning, working with people you have just met is something different and something that is hard inside. Hard inside that you can’t say anything or do anything that you are usually saying because of the near fact that you might offend them or they may think you’re rude. On my experience I became an observant and a listener to the people I worked with. I was assigned as a Stockroom clerk in Alta Cebu Village Garden and Resort. My entry in this resort is very significant since it is my very first time to have an actual interview. God is good because during the interview I

feel comfortable talking with Ma’am Mafe (Auditor) and Ma’am Mondelyn (HR). Right after interview, Ma’am Mond called the names that are in, and I’m so happy because I am one of those. I was assigned as an assistant of Ma’am Daise (the purchaser). The first day of our OJT is more about familiarizing, HR tour us around the resort and to our respective departments. I was amazed to see that Alta is really wide, because the last time that I visit Alta (2010 acquaintance party) it’s not that big. I did not expect that my area is an air-conditioned room, because what really

My OJT Experience Essay Example

comes to my mind upon knowing that I’ll be assigned in Stockroom was a dusty place, lots of porcelain plates, goblets and expensive glasses. I was introduced to Ma’am Daise, the Purchaser and Sir Zoren, the newly assigned Stockroom personnel. Food items are stored in it while non-food items are stored in Property (Gene Rose area). My first job in this department is to do inventory together with Laisa and Jesse (Cordova Public College OJT’s), after a long day of listing various food items, Ma’am Daise ask us to log the partial checklist in BIN cards. Alta is using BIN Cards inventory.

My second day seems to be awkward because we (with RCC classmates) were not informed that the very first thing to do before entering the assigned area in the morning is to swept the ground or any area that needs to be touch up for at least fifteen minutes. Awkward in the sense that, I wore complete uniform (Wings, nameplate, id,), having my hair brush-up with hairnet and wearing a high-heeled shoe, bringing a street sweeper broom. One of the housekeeping staff approaches me and said “Ma’am dili man mo angayan diha”, again I just give him a smile as an answer. Cleaning every

morning is part of our daily routine before entering in our assigned area. Being the assistant of Ma’am Daise, I learned how to update and encode accounts payables, proper way of receiving food items based on its category, appropriate way of preparing breakdown for every menu, costing on foods to be serve in La Regatta Restaurant, process on how to make purchase order with attachment, faxing, inquiring items into different suppliers, manner on how to prevent veggies spoilage and other consumable items. It is not all about work; I also acquire skills on how to deal and interact with

various people with different attitudes, handle and tackle different issues about the resort and new principles in life. Two weeks after my training, Ma’am Daise asks me if it is okay with me to be a Stockroom Clerk. I felt a little bit nervous by the time she utter those words. The next day Ma’am Mafe also approaches me about the position and she told me to think about it. Days passed, Stockroom clerk position was vacant, Sir Zoren prefers to return to his field as housekeeping because he found Stockroom as a crucial work. I was appointed to take over the position.

Being a stockroom clerk, one needs to be an organized person. I really tried my best to be organized especially I’m handling food items. My duties are as follows, Perform clerical duties in a store and stockroom, Manage and organize stockroom materials as per delivery schedules, Receive and verify materials as against invoices, Dispatch food items from the stockroom as per material requisitions, Perform physical verification and counting of stocks to detect shortages, Physically inspect the products and merchandize for damages or breakages, monitor commodities that are due for

expiration, manage updates of stockroom records and statements periodically, Maintain and manage stockroom as per resort procedures and manage par stocking. I experienced also shortage of commodities. Since Alta is catering not just the in-house guest and functions, it also accommodates its concessions such as Alta Gourmet in Honda, Convergys, GSM and JP Morgan soon, par stocking is not enough specially when there are unscheduled functions. I assimilate that when one department experience deficiency, all the other division will suffer for the shortcoming. Communication plays a vital role in my task. I

need to inform concerned department about the stock status and suggest replacement if any. I deal with everyone smoothly so that when everybody’s hot they will lessen their temper when they see you acting in a nice way. It is my pleasure also to make a powerpoint presentation for the “execom” Executive Meeting of the department heads with the managers and CEO. Attached is my ppt presentation for stockroom deparment, the event was rescheduled three times because of some conflicts, I just lost an opportunity to present it in front of Madam CA (CEO) because I was sick by that time. Ma’am Daise take over to shew it.

The most memorable moment in my OJT happened on December 25, 2013, when Ma’am Daise’s husband passed away. She informed me to manage the stockroom while she is on leave. I thought that someone will take over her place as a purchaser for the meantime, because I was not trained about purchasing that time. Good thing that I had a little experience handling some office job in my previous work. Being a purchaser/stockroom is not that easy. I am responsible for the timely placement of purchase orders and delivery of materials to meet customer order requirements at the same time maintain stock inventory levels within approved guidelines.

I need to update BIN cards first, make a requisition signed by the resort manager before making purchase order to be approved by the CEO. It takes me almost half a day to make one p. o. for one supplier because I need to be extra careful especially on the description of an item. I have to indicate the right description such as brand, weight, colorand price as well. As a purchaser, I encounter various suppliers with different rules in replacing orders. I acquire knowledge on how to negotiate favorable terms, conditions and pricing, and to arrange for delivery when and where needed.

As I remember, three times that the CEO acknowledge me for performing well even though I’m alone in the stockroom. I really gave 150% effort to make things went smooth; I worked seven days a week and always go home late in order to comply the reports with the respective departments. Human as we are, I have many lapses too but I learned lessons out of my mistakes. First day of the year 2014, I am requested to report for duty. I heard from one of the department heads that Ma’am Daise will resume working on the next days. A huge weight has been taken off my chest; I’m so excited with

the rumor because it means that my workload will lessen. It happened that the new inventory system will revise to inflow computerized system. Updating the BIN cards will make more efficient, that’s what I thought. It worsens my workload, many purchase orders pended because I was not able to submit the current par stocking status of the items to be purchased. Many times my tears shed because of self pity, because I thought that I am abused in my training. Good thing is that Alta staffs are very generous (especially those who are assigned in banquet) they always coach and cheer me.

Every time I feel alone, they were there to make me smile. My career in Alta was not just being a stockroom clerk/purchaser, I was also appointed by Ma’am Vivian (Operation Manager) to handle English tutorial with Kaori Yamaguchi (Japanese in-house guest) on the spot. God is really working on me, because of all the Alta staff/OJT I don’t know why I was chosen knowing that I have zero background about English. Despite the fact that I feared English, I do all my efforts to deliver it right. My tutorial is so amazing because I do not have any references on what to teach. All things went smoothly, I handle a two hour

tutorial class every morning and after that back to Stockroom to update computerized inflow of inventory. I experienced serving food for guest functions, where I find it very fulfilling especially when the guest will thank you for the outstanding service. I’ve been to housekeeping department; I gain knowledge on how to press the beddings appropriately, what area to clean first and ways on how to minimize insects. My experience in Alta makes me someone; someone who is capable to do things beyond my expectation. I will always bring the quote that says “Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done. ”

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