My ojt Experince

8 August 2016

Agua Frio Garden Resort Hotel & Restaurant Company Profile The Agua Frio Garden Resort is organized as a stock corporation duty registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2004. It has acquired all governmental permits and licenses to include accreditation from various institutions as a place that generates services in the fields of hotel and restaurant, functions for weddings, baptism, birthdays, seminars both line-in and live-out of up to 300 guests at any given time, swimming resort and just a place to spend past times and leisure’s.

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The Company Vision and Mission Statement The Vision Statement “We see a community where Leisure is valued as moment for which man appreciates the beauty of creation while staying at the Agua Frio Garden Resort” The vision herein refers to the Management’s concept of what they expect to happen within the next three years. While it envisions the full use of its facilities, it also marked the appreciation for the beauty of creation by the people while staying at site.

This directly addresses environmental concerns as this is the only way that the beauty and holiness of creation is retained in-spite of the utilization of the land, air, and water for purposes of economic objectives maintained by the organization. The vision moreover suggests for a meaningful stay at the resort both on the points of view of the customers and the owners of the company. Leisure then is real pleasure in appreciating developmental initiatives caused by them and the customers who shall have made the land a model. The Corporate Mission

To provide a pure affordable leisure service to its clientele at any given time, all the time The mission statement denotes an enjoyable stay be it for business purposes or leisure. The services of the resort will always be provided right to its growing customers emphasizing a touch of beauty borne by the hard work of the people behind it. It will always be worth the time spent at the most affordable exchange while making it a witness of all those treasured moments even those made and felt only once in a life time. The Culture and Beliefs “We listen” The Agua Frio Garden Resort is known for its value which is to listen.

The people using its facilities and all others that will be using the same are its primary concern. It values much when and how they like the services given. It gets feedback directly and evaluates to be able to give better, faster, and efficient services most desired at its simplest form. The Company’s punch line “Venue for Great Events” While the company listens, it makes its services more fitting to the calls of time. Its customers then feel the ambiance of the things that they like, the manner that they want, and the procedures that they sought for.

The company then expresses a great relief from the gesture of goodwill of its clients. This then follows a punch line that surfaced out of the culture, the beliefs, and values as a result of these. Thus, it will read, “Venue for Great Events”. II. Reflection III. OJT Experience I had my OJT practicum at Agua Frio Garden Resort Hotel & Restaurant. When I started my OJT at Agua Frio everybody was busy with the. My supervisor told me and my fellow interns we were just in the nick of time because they needed more assistance for the planning of the event. For the first week of my OJT, we weren’t given that much heavy tasks.

We were first tasked to do orientation. As the weeks progress, our tasks were getting heavier and heavier like catering services as waiter sometimes as dishwashers & housekeeper as days passed away my fellow interns seems tired or never showed cause its Christmas vacation but me even am tired still there until December 31 was complete my 214 hours OJT Practicum I was happy I became more responsible about regulations and follow every standard they have. I reminded myself that I’m not here to be lazy, but I’m here to prove myself I have an edge in this industry. I have realized that being punctual is more important than being industrious. I really enjoyed my stay there and I hope I get to work with them again. I gained more friends and learned something new from my experience. III. Assessment of the OJT Practicum Program A. New knowledge, attitudes and skills acquired New knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired Catering Operation Job roles and outcomes This qualification provides a pathway to work in various catering settings such as hospitals and aged care facilities, sporting and entertainment venues, hotel banqueting departments, cook–chill production kitchens and mobile catering businesses of varying size

Possible job titles include: • catering assistant • cook • Food service assistant. Employability Skills Communication Interpreting food preparation lists and discussing with colleagues and supervisors to determine the operational requirements of the food production period; interpreting verbal and written information about recipes, food items and customer requirements to ensure quality products; negotiating acceptable solutions to operational problems in the kitchen and customer feedback.

Teamwork Working as a skilled team member to deliver the quality food production and service goals of the business; taking responsibility for own role in kitchen operations; working collaboratively as a team member by giving and receiving instructions and providing feedback and assistance to other team members; providing guidance and instruction to assistant or trainee kitchen team members. Problem solving

Anticipating problems that may arise with kitchen operational and service activities; mitigating problems by planning kitchen operational activities; identifying and clarifying the extent of problems; taking responsibility for solving operational and service issues; referring high-level problems to supervisors and participating in the solution; using discretion and judgment as well as predetermined policies and procedures to guide solutions to operational problems in the kitchen.

Initiative and enterprise Identifying and suggesting ways to improve kitchen operations and service efficiency; generating and suggesting ideas for new or improved recipes and food items. Planning and organizing

Collecting, analyzing and organizing food preparation lists, recipes, and procedural information to efficiently plan the production of food items; collecting and analyzing information to meet the specific needs of the customer group; setting timelines, organizing own work flow to produce food items to meet operational, customer requirements and service standards of the business; adjusting timelines and pacing food production throughout the food production period to meet changing operational requirements.

Self-management Understanding and following policies and procedures for legal compliance; organizing own work priorities for the food production period; taking responsibility for own job role in servicing the customer and for resolving operational problems in the kitchen; thinking about own work performance and seeking feedback and guidance on success in cooking activities. Learning

Knowing own product knowledge and cooking skill strengths and weaknesses, being aware of opportunities to learn and participating in cooking professional development activities; seeking and sharing information with colleagues on new food trends, products, services and suppliers; coaching others in job skills. Technology Understanding the operating capability of, selecting and using kitchen tools and equipment, computer systems, software and information systems that assist in cooking activities; selecting and using the right personal protective equipment to manage personal safety in the kitchen. B. Theories actually seen in practice OJT training is one method by which a student is given a chance to apply the theories and computations that they have learned from school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing actual work setting. Which in effect, the workplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about her or he’s chosen field and practice what was learned from school.

What is it in the deal world of industry, to feel how the employees feel on work? Last, November ——-2013 I started my OJT training Agua Frio Garden Resort Hotel & Restaurant Fortunately, I was assigned at the banqueting department on that its Christmas day. I have observe the daily activities and practices that the workers and employees must comply with. I was assigned to the banqueting department. And at the same time on the dishwasher.

My training supervisor, Ma’am Melanie——- who happened to be the ———-. Was the one that supervises me on their daily routine? At the same time provides all the necessary helpful stuff like my carrying tables, chairs, foods and other important things which I deliver on to her. Every morning, they had their mustering or meeting. Since the she had already their assigned department they were reminded and monitored on their daily itinerary. They also discuss all about what they must do on that day.

I learned that attendance monitoring of the employee of Agua Frio Garden Resort Hotel & Restaurant Has two way sources, first was getting the record from the club ethniko ; an automated devised that employee used as to input their DTR sheet, then the machine or system processed to record the data. A machine wherein only authorized personnel can use to access. Aside from that, daily-time-record (DTR) that tract one’s employee for example the time, date, and day to day have worked within period of time. For the benefits of the following: For the business to monitored the employee daily record.

Energy efficient. Improves and encourage employee efficiency. Since I was assigned to the banqueting department, my supervisor assigned me to Deliver foods to the guest and make sure I take proper catering operation to sure our guest satisfied their needs December ——-2013 Thursday, fellow interns seems tired or never showed cause its Christmas vacation but me even am tired still there I was a challenged on me, because there are times that I thought I might get sick. And I might get absent on my on-the-job duty.

As a trainee or an intern, I have lots of duties or responsibilities to do on my assigned department. I was able to help the regular employee even in the kitchen. December 31 2013 Tuesday I Ask Ma’am Melanie to have other work to do but she told me about my (DTR) cause have finally almost 200 hours working a lot. Was surprised to the news then I immediately go to work and finished all necessary work that ask to do then 2:– pm in the afternoon then that’s it my work is finished. C. Feedback that can be given to the company or institution

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