My Old House and My New House

5 May 2017

My Old House and My New House” My old house was my better than the new house that I live. The reason is because this house was quite different in comparison to living in the one I live now. Comparing the two houses is like comparing an apple to a pear, which is totally different in look, shape, and color. I have noticed the similarities between the two and how they differ from each other; the differences are: The old house was more bigger and the house that I live now is much smaller.

The similarities is that both are my favorite houses were very comfortable. To begin with, living in the old house was more better and more spacious. This house had 6 bedrooms and was painted all in a merlot purple color. It was so big that it had a whole big backyard and a huge garden followed by rows of fruit trees. I still remember” the big tall trees dancing with the wind . ” It was the be shape was like a church . This house was actually better than the new house I live on. The recent house that I live now is completely smaller.

My Old House and My New House Essay Example

This house only has 3 bedrooms. It does not have a big yard and it doesn’t have any trees at all. This house is completely different in its shape too. It’s shape is like a KB home and its painted all in green and brown color. This house is very different from the old house, but it also has some similar things. There is also a huge similarity between the two houses; both houses have similar things too. My old house was located in a calm neighborhood and this house that I live now, is also surrounded by a passive neighborhood.

Both houses decent too. They were both in a good living condition. Another thing that they are similar is that the house I live now is very well-fixed as the old one. Eventually, I know that they are some differences and similarities in both of these houses, but I am able to say that my old house was much better. I guess I like how big it was and all the trees it had. So that it’s why I think that my old house was better because although both houses are my favorite one’s, one is more than the other.

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