My Passion

2 February 2017

Maduakor, Reverend Spanish Per. 5 4/15/11 Passion Essay I have a passion for basketball. Basketball is my favorite sport. I’ve been playing organized basketball since I was four years old, at least as long as I can remember.

Basketball is a very big important part of me. This is something that I am really good at and makes me very happy when I play. My mom supports me playing basketball very rarely. It seems like my mom doesn’t care but I think she does deep down inside. My mom wants me to focus more on school then basketball. Her motto is “business before pleasure”.I tell her that basketball can help me get to college.

My Passion Essay Example

In the movie “Real Women Have Curves”, I think I relate to Ana the most because her mom wants everything she does to be perfect. My mom does the same to me. Nobody on this world is perfect so everything can’t be done the way we like it. Everyone makes mistakes because we’re not perfect, that’s why we learn from our mistakes so we won’t do them again. Nigerian parents expect a lot out of you. They make sure that they train us correctly. They want us to do good in school and be somebody in the future like a doctor, nurse, pediatrician, etc.

They are also very strict and serious when it comes to school. Most Nigerian moms are nurses and they want their children to become like them so they train us the correct way in order to do this. In conclusion, basketball is what I like to do but I should focus more on school because without school, I can’t play college basketball in the future or at least become somebody. I also know that I need to have a plan B in case basketball doesn’t work out for me because there’s people all over the world who have the same dream I have and are trying to pursue it.

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