My Personal Statement

11 November 2018

A man by the name of Jorge Luis Borges once said, “Any life, no matter how long and complex it may be, is made up of a single moment, the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is.” I am a strong person overall, independent, trustworthy, honest, funny, “down to earth” and loyal. I like to persist on maintaining friendships and making new friends along the way though I only have one best friend. I love to help people and I love babysitting kids and this is why I want to be a teacher and a social worker for young children. My hobby would be dancing, it’s something that I enjoy doing. I travel to many countries and states to dance for churches. I’ve already started helping out at my cousin’s daycares part-time and I love helping the kids learn new things, it just makes me feel good when I see them smile. My life wasn’t the greatest as a child because my father wasn’t always there and this is why I want to help kids when I get older as a social worker and teacher.
Being blunt is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m not considered the nicest person all the time because I am very blunt and I do not sit back and keep quiet about my feelings towards someone or how I feel about something. I am very honest and sometimes that’s a bad thing because not everyone can handle honesty. However, I don’t hold back on the truth, being my friend means knowing before we even create that bond how I go about certain things. I don’t choose to put on a facade so that people will like me. Most of my friends love that I am so honest with them because they know that they can come to me about anything and I will tell them my honest opinion. A person can distinguish me from peers would be that I always “call it like I see it.” I choose to be this way because I feel there is no other way possible for me to be myself and remain “real.”I don’t like drama or for people to go back and say “Jazmin said this” or “Jazmin said that” so I rather just tell someone what I have to say right then and there that way if someone approaches them trying to start something, they can just say I told them already. Being blunt prevents a lot of drama and this is why I choose to be this way.
Something special about my life is that I rarely had my father in my life and statistics say kids that grow up without their fathers tend to have rough lives or a bad childhood. I think it’s pretty special that I had a great life and a great childhood. When I needed a fatherly figure I would go to my uncle or my cousins who are always there to help me when my father isn’t. My mother and father were separated since I was 7years old and I’ve had plenty of time to get over that. I love my father and respect him but it’s still hard to get over sometimes. It’s important to have a relationship with both of your parents because I think it’s just good to have both parents present when talking about important things or trying to get a clear understanding on something from both parents. It does my heart some reassurance when I think one parent isn’t around there’s another but when one parent isn’t present in my life that’s when I have to tell my mother any and every thing. When I wanted to talk to people other than my family or friends I talked to some of my teachers so I’m glad I had developed good relationships with them because they have helped me in so many ways and I want to be one of those teachers that the students can talk to and trust when I go into my career.
One experience that makes me stand out from my peers is that I travel to many different countries and states such as Panama, Costa Rica, Minnesota, etc. to dance at churches. I love to dance. It’s something that I really enjoy doing on my spare time. Dancing makes me happy and takes me to another place and I love the feeling it gives me. When I see people’s reactions to my dancing I feel good inside and it makes me want to dance more. Sometimes I just dance when I feel down and I end up feeling a lot better, the music just lifts my spirits and dancing lifts it even more. Dancing is important to me because not only does it help me it helps other people. I love teaching dances to other girls especially younger girls because when they get it they are the happiest people on earth and I feel like I accomplished something. I just love helping people in any way possible so why not use my talents to help people out.
My life wasn’t the greatest as a child because my father wasn’t always there and this is why I want to help kids when I get older as a social worker and teacher. I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason and I think that my father not always being there for me has made a stronger person and has also made me very independent. I have been through a lot emotionally dealing with the subject of my father but now it’s something that I have adapted to and I’ve made it my testimony. I help girls by telling my testimony. I free myself every time I talk about it and I feel like I have gotten a lot off my chest for the past eleven years. Not a lot of people are blunt. Not a lot of people choose to be honest with themselves and others and that’s what makes me different from other people. I believe a lot of people didn’t have their father in their lives but what makes mine different is my father’s actual reason for not being there. I don’t think many people travel across the world to dance for churches and have the experience that I have threw the dancing that I do. I accept who I am, what I stand for, and where I’m headed because I know it will be great when I get there.

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