My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

My Personal Strength and Weaknesses The most common thing employees will ask a potential employee in an interview is “What are some of your common strengths and weaknesses? ” I despise this question simply because thinking about my strengths and weaknesses is not something I randomly stop and think about too often. However, that challenge was brought up in my GEN 195 class at the University of Phoenix.

The only difference was that I was provided the proper resources/surveys to help me accurately recognize what some of my strengths and some of my weaknesses are. It ultimately came down to that even though my strength is organization, I struggle with writing and procrastination, so I will have to develop a set of skills in order to advance in these two areas. In order to succeed in my college career and take the next step toward my career choice of criminal Justice, I know I will have to work on one of my weaknesses, which is writing.

I know that writing is stressed to be important in my career choice, so taking a workshop to improve my writing skills will help me in the future. Nevertheless, I know that my academic writing will differ from the writing I will be expected to do in my areer choice, so it would help me significantly if I took the time to re-read Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 of Your College Experience: Strategies of Success. I can both improve my chances of success in my college classes and in my career, if I work on developing my writing skills.

The weakness that I struggle with the most and feel that needs to be corrected in order to succeed in my college career is my weakness of procrastination. Procrastination is something I have struggled with since I can remember. An example of this is waiting to turn in my assignments at the last minute r even not doing assignments at all. I feel that I need to learn to stick to a schedule and plan accordingly, so procrastination will not stop me in being successful not only in my college course work but also in the workplace.

To meet my career goals and educational goals, I plan on taking advantage of my strength of organization. An example of this is that as a legal assistant, I’m required to file paperwork in its proper place, generate correspondence letters, and keep the firm’s calendar up to date and current. Although my organization skills are applied everyday in my current place of ork, I still struggle with applying it with my college career.

In Chapter 2 of Your College Experience: Strategies of Success the authors give a couple of suggestions and hints on how to better my organization skills. I plan on using some of these suggestions to help boost my strength of organization. As a result I feel that recognizing both my strength and weaknesses has not only helped me with what I need to work on in my college career, but also in the workplace. I plan on taking my weaknesses and hopefully turn them in to strengths, and I also plan on taking my strength and using it to help me in the future.

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