My Philosophy of Academic Advising

6 June 2016

With the relative challenges facing students today, as far as choosing the appropriate career path, issues in parental involvement and maintaining motivation are concerned, my philosophy of academic advising shall revolved on these three issues and shall be the integral part and facet for changes.

The overall philosophy of my Academic advising revolves around the intention and willingness to foster among students the needed information that each one needs to further their educational goals and endeavors. By properly synchronizing several important educational functions, it can foster and create enhanced communication between school administration and students who seek to find an appropriate career based on their unique and individual differences.

My Philosophy of Academic Advising Essay Example

Seeing this, academic institutions, teachers and students must actively collaborate to enhance the practice of academic advising. My philosophy also recognizes the role and function of parents in the overall facilitation of needed mechanisms. By creating active communication plan for parents, students and educators, each party is assured that their relative needs are addressed appropriately.

 Recognizing the complexity and diversity of goals and objectives by students, my academic advising shall focus on specialized teams that can cater to every student endeavor. With the creation of such specialized groups, every student is assured that their individual welfare is taken care of.  By providing guidance and involvement by both parents and teachers, the student is assured that he/she is getting the optimum potential help.

Lastly, my academic advising shall revolve on students’ exploration and development of their needs. This means providing the appropriate motivational techniques and practices that will help improve the overall drive of students to learn and improve on areas that needs to be addressed.


In applying my philosophy of academic advising, I will try to incorporate the relevant use of technology over the issue of career development among student. By actively creating several templates that showcase various occupations and career paths a student may take, he/she may be given the option to choose his/her preference. By doing this, less effort is concentrated and given by the facilitator in providing the relevant need of the student when it comes to determining his/her career path.

As far as parental involvement is concerned, applying my philosophy of academic advising can be done through the creation of formalized groups that will enable parents to actually participate in the educational process happening. Seeing the relevance and importance of this attempt, parental feedback shall be deemed as a vital in the overall process of institutional development and improvement.

Lastly, as far as motivation is concerned, providing motivational schemes for students can be done via the creation of different seminars that students can freely attend. The information that shall be used in the presentation should focus on developing positive view on how student should view stress and challenges brought about by school. In addition to these, educators must actively use different teaching styles that can enforce and enhance motivation.

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