My Reaction Paper for Noli Me Tangere

1 January 2017

The title of this novel “Noli Me Tangere” is a Latin words meaning in tagalong “HuwagMo Akong Salingin”. Jose Rizal, our national hero is the writer of this novel, where in, thisnovel was written during his time, where in, the exact year was 1884, he was in Madrid taking upmedicine when he write this novel. When he finished his course (Medicine), he went to Paris andcontinue writing this novel.

In Berlin , Jose Rizal finished the last part of this novel.This novelwas written to remind us the bad things that Jose Rizal experienced during his time by theSpanish. From the very start of this novel, the first plan of our national hero is, to write this novelwith the help of his countryman that is also suffering to the hands of the Spanish, but suddenlyhe failed to do it with the help of his countryman, because his countryman loose their hope infulfilling their dreams to have freedom in the hands of the Spanish colonies.Jose Rizal, did notgive up, because he continue write this novel without the help of his countryman, and he decidedto write it by himself only. The first chapter of this novel was entitled “the paging”, where in, inthis chapter stated the lifestyle of Don Santiago de los Santos also known as Kapitan Tiago, hewas from Binondo and he was the step father of Maria Clara according to this chapter. In thischapter, the other characters was Padre sibyla, Padre Damaso, and Tenyente Guevarra.According to this chapter, kapitan tiago invited the said characters to go to his house and have asimple gathering, but suddenly it came to a fight between Padre Damaso and Tenyente Guevarra because of the ereheng namatay.

My Reaction Paper for Noli Me Tangere Essay Example

Padre Sibyla stops the rivalry between the two. The secondchapter was entitled “Ang binatang si Crisostomo”. Where in in, this chapter, Kapitan Tiago present Don Crisostomo Ibarra to the priest, the son of his deceased friend named Don RafaelIbarra.

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