My Reason Why I Want to Go to OCC

1 January 2019

I crave for changed this year. I wanted to tried new things and be different. My life before I found Jesus this year was dark. I saw no hope, I cried every day, and I pretend. But not anymore because I finally know what God has done for me and what he plans to for me. The reasons why I want to go to Ozark Christian College is my desire to grow, the Lupus, and to help others.
My first reason for wanting to be apart of Ozark is because I want to keep continuing to grow closer to God and Jesus. I want to be able to walk father in my following of Christ. I started my faith walk five months ago, the spring of last year I almost tried to commit suicide because everything was falling apart. My health, social life, and home life was horrible. When I started my senior year I wanted change. I was tired of living in my illnesse’s shadow, I was tired of being afraid and, not being confident. So this year I decide to be apart of all of the activities that junior ROTC had to offered. I joined drill team and rifle team. Being in those teams I made friends who are really confident in their faith. I really wanted that. I started going to their church. Which I’m so glad that accepted their offered because I know a lot more about God and Jesus then I do now. I feel like since I started my walk, I’m so more confident. I haven’t been to that dark place once this year. And when I do feel like I’m slipping back I’ll talk to my friends, I’ll bible study, and I’ll pray

My second reason for wanting to go to Ozark is because knowing first hand what it’s like living with a chronic illness. Since I found God and Jesus I want tell people not to give up. I want to help people find their light again. I want to tell them that,“There’s a guy that loves you for who you are, even if made unforgettable mistakes. He will accept you and take away the pain. His name is Jesus and all you need to do is ask forgiveness, pray, and believe.” Living with Lupus, I always had to depend on people to help me and I want to help this time! I hope that when I tell people about my struggles with Lupus and how I have faith now. They will see that there is hope in this world because of man that created them and another man that died for them.

My Reason Why I Want to Go to OCC Essay Example

My last reason why I want to go to Ozark is because I’m very interested in the deaf ministry program. My six year old brother has non-verbal autism. He has really difficult time speaking and expressing his feelings. I read online that teaching autistic kids sign language help them communicate and know words. Ever since I teach him simple words like “eat”,“drink”, and “I love you” he has spoke a lot better.I want to be apart of deaf ministry so I can help people with all kinds disabilities and help them start their walk with God. Because I have Lupus and my own disabilities, I think I would be more better helping people with disabilities because I know how it feels.

I want to go to OCC for my desire to grow more closer, my illness, and to help people. My future for after OCC is to either be a special education teacher or be a sign language interpreter. I don’t know what I want to do yet, but I know three things for sure: I want to help people, I want to show the love of Jesus to people, and God had a plan for me no matter what and I believe in that.

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