My Recipe for Happiness

Happiness. What a great word!!! Happiness one thing that exists in everyone. Whether it’s being happy about icecream, school, sunshine, friends or a tv show everyone feels happiness at least once in their life. Now, some people might not find happiness for a longer period of time. They look and search and invest time all for nothing. Happiness is giving. Giving things without wanting to get anything back. Happiness means trusting yourself. Money. Many people believe that fame and fortune causes happiness. Last Summer I went to my mum’s friends in Germany. They own a big company. I don’t think I want to know how many millions they own. These people never watched the news. One evening I asked them why they never turned on the television. (A big plasma screen with HD effect and the internet.) The answer shocked me. Well they said. We can’t stand to watch news with all these people starving and wars going on. These people who had thirteen cars mostly old timers weren’t able to watch the news because they felt bad. Bad that they had so much money and weren’t able to share. They were stuck with their money. Fame doesn’t cause happiness either. If it would then Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson wouldn’t be looking down on us. Happiness is the output of love and affection. Happiness is the real you. I may be young, fourteen to be precise, but one thing I know, one thing I have experienced is: Everything we describe as bad or unlucky is not bad misfortune. It is an important lesson we have to learn or something that will make you stronger. Happiness is being able to ask why someone acts a particular way. Happiness is being able to love the ones that have been hurt, broken and betrayed once too many times. Happiness is simply everything.

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