My report in school

While I was working on the first day, Again, I was at first little nervous on what will possibly the feedback of my boss and co-workers and if my communication skills was enough to convey the messages since I am not so much familiar with tourism but I managed to handle it and I am really proud about because I learned a lot from it. This is something unusual and I am very much proud of while I was doing because this will give me a full information on how to handle calls and other communication skills both oral and written form.

They gave me an ample time for doing my work and ssignments as well as sending either via fax machine or emails. I got to learn also on how to get along well with my office mate and co-trainee. I met friends from other schools they are my co-trainees.

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We are helping each other in doing our assignments so that we can finish our work fast. One of my assignments is getting the positive news happening in Iloilo City in the newspaper and cut them and put it on a portfolio. It is also my assignment in filing documents in the office.

I should follow a consistent method for naming files and folders. Next is to store related documents together, whatever their type. It was a big help for me in filing documents because I now do this at home by arranging my books and other stuffs that are related together. My co-worker tour us in other office of City Tourism located in the Iloilo City Hall. It was my first time to go inside the City Hall. We also went to the Iloilo City Hall gallery which to see the city gallery exhibits.

There you can also see a short glimpse of Iloilo Citys glorious past and rich cultural heritage. On the third day It is the day that the City Mayor announces that office hours should only be at 3 p. m. because of the coming typhoon. And I was sad that my office time would be shortened. In the morning I was assign to type letters to be given to different persons. After that I also help in printing of application for leave or vacation letters of the employees of the office. They also assigned me to go to the other office to let that person signed the papers.

Some of the concepts that I learned in school is of great help to me Just like my omputer subject in where I learned on how to encode things in the Microsoft Office, which is the knowledge that I used in everyday assignments in the office. Something that I am proud of when I am in my OJT is my officemates treat me like I really belong on their workplace. I also gain my confidence in facing other people, when someone ask or inquire in the office I can face them with a smile and entertain them. It was really awesome that I can now deal with them properly because they let me express my thought as well as they do.

Soon, my attitude will not be a problem nymore because I learned that being cooperative to someone who is superior or interior to you was no big deal . I learned that being a team player in the office, which will not only help you get more done, but with the cooperation of your co-workers, you will have help in planning and executing projects. OJT it is an important part of my education because with the OJT experience I tend to have a gasp of what is it in the real world or in the company even though I am an trainee I still can see the people who are working and can feel what they feel while working.

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