My Role Model

11 November 2018

Many people like a friend, a family member or even a celebrity a little bit more than the other people that are close to them, because they want to be like them in order to have a similar behavior, personality or even reach their goals like those people did in the past. We call those people role models.

My role model is my mum.She cares about her family and friends as much as she can. She is always kind and everyone that meets her likes her immediately. She achieves the goals that she sets to herself and that is what I want to do too.

Although sometimes she comes across people that are not that close to her or do not really like her or a member of her family, she will never show them that she dislikes them or she is not enjoyingtheir company.

My mother always knows what is right and what is wrong and she always gives me advice for things that concern me. I love it when we sit down together and talk about random stuff and it would be my pleasure ifI will ever have the chance to do something like this with my child in the future.

She never makes me do something that I don’t want but, she explains to me why it would be good if I did.

In conclusion, I believe that my mother is one of the kindest and most loving person that I will meet in my entire life and I am so glad that she is my mother because I know that she will support me and love me no matter what might happen in the future. I do not believe that I will ever be as good as her but I will as much as I can.

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