My Special Place

4 April 2017

There are so many place that one can go to find tranquility and inspiration, people can go to a church, to the peeks of Kilimanjaro, some may find inspiration at a New York fashion show or an art gallery of Kustiv Klimt, or one can find tranquility by meditating in the oddest of places, like under a bypass or on the streets of a rural Columbian village, others by picking fruit without a corporate business suits on their back.

But however they find their own special place, there are many to choose from. For myself, I find peace of mind on the many lakes of Florida, whether it be Lake Jackson or lake Isis, I find it to be nice and calm like a clear day in the sky, but un like the sky the lakes have many faces, many moods and many interpretations. There are days that the waters can be calm and smooth and days when they are rough and windy.

My Special Place Essay Example

But when I walk around it with my bare feet leaving impression behind, the waters come up and erase the signs of me ever being there or rather of me ever disrupting it natural processes, or when I find a stone that I can skip across the lake and cause a ripple through out the waters, I know that the effect will only last for a short while and proceed to its natural state. And to think about all the living matter that is among the pristine waters.

The living organisms going through their natural way life and as lay down and stare into the abyss of the sky and just listen to the running of the water and in the distance the sounds of life that surround me. The water of the lakes is where I find my tranquility and inspiration, my own special place. I find it to be like life itself, it can rough and calm waters like in life, one does not know what the storm of life can bring, like in life, I can have large waves of water but at the same time I also know that the waters will be Calm at some point.

Calm waters can be like my own little island, just me and my island, enjoying life to myself and then someone can skip atone and cause a ripple in my water; it does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, because that ripple could be love and that person that skipped a stone in my waters could be the stone skipper I have been waiting for all my life, because maybe we can both enjoy calm waters and cause the ripple effect in each other’s waters. Call it love.

I can relate it to so many things when it comes to the waters of the lake, the surroundings of nature and its day to day basis. One can say it is just a lake or just mother nature, but any way you cut it, it is life at its best. And one can relate to it in their own ways. This is where I relax and relate to everyday living. This is where I find my inspiration to this so called social living. This is the place that I can go and get away from it all and yet try to understand life.

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