My Teenage Life

4 April 2015
A personal description of teenage issues.

This paper is a frank and candid narrative of typical teenage emotional storms and of how this teenager, the writer, weathered one of those storms. It describes the teenager’s need for a solid and secure family environment.
The teenage years can be wrought with psychological trauma; a combination of peer and parental pressures weigh on the developing young person. I was no exception and experienced the difficulties of adolescence as early as ten years old, when my parents first showed signs of separation. I remember talking to my best friend in the mall one afternoon. She told me her parents were getting divorced. At the time I thought little of it, for several of my other friends’ parents had already been divorced for years. But for some reason I made a confession: my parents had been fighting a lot, and it was my biggest fear. If they got divorced, I wouldn’t know whom to live with. If they got divorced, it would have been because I’ve been talking back too much, because I’m rude and belligerent. Basically, I feared that my world would be shattered.

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