My Time in Portugal

3 March 2019

From what I can remember the town of Ribeira De Janela is very beautiful and primitive place. Thus meaning there is little to now new technology around, not even wifi! This tiny town is located in Madeira Portugal. Back in 6th grade on winter vacation my family and I visited the home town of where my grandfather and grandmother grew up, and still live there for half of the year today. When I first arrived all I could hear was the sound of waves crashing up against the rocks along the coast of the island. When I got off the airplane and into the rental car I remember having no service on my phone and I thought to myself that “this is going to be a long two weeks, especially if I cant use my phone for anything”. After everyone was done rushing around trying to get our luggage out of the car and into my grandmother’s home of where she grew up, I remember the faint smell of freshly cooked bread. We later ate this bread with our dinner. A few days into the trip I was used to not being able to use my phone and I was just taking in all of the amazing views of the ocean and mountains. On the 8th day of the trip my grandfather had a talk with me and he told about the time when he was 16 years old and left this small town to go to America. The story he told me made me feel even more grateful for everything I have. Throughout the story he told me that his family did not have much money at all and how he always had to work on the farm to help support the family and ending up dropping out of school in 9th grade. By the age of 16 he had worked for a long time and saved up a lot of money. By the time he was 17 he took a boat to America and had settled in Stoughton Massachusetts all by himself. After living here for a few years and making more money he decided to go back to his home town of Ribeira De Janela where he met my grandmother. After getting married in Portugal and having my mom they moved back to Stoughton, where they stayed for most of their life. My grandfather had always talked about the American Dream and after listening to his story and looking back at the accomplishments he has told me about, I guess I can personally say that he has lived the American Dream. Ever since he told me this story I always look back on it, and think that if he made it this far with nothing, I can make it even further with the resources that I have.

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