My Vision for America

12 December 2018

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My Vision for America
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The question you ask me is “what is your vision for America?” Well, I have multiple visions for America, but the real question is who can make these visions come true? The person to make these visions to come true is the one person or the few people who want to make these visions come true. The vision I would like to see happen the most is peace within the world. Sure it seems extreme for a vision, but isn’t that what a vision suppose to be. I was always told to go big or go home.

The reason I vision peace within the world is because all of my life it’s been nothing, but fighting. Whether it’s between families, friends, or even other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. When these fights break out we tend to send others to fight our battles for us like other family members, other friends, and most importantly soldiers of families and friends. So, we all say our appreciation to our soldiers who fight, but no many people show it which is why on November 11th, we have an assembly to show our appreciation to our veterans. Why should we only show it one day though when we should show it everyday? A veteran might enjoy coming home to a job that is available and maybe even health care instead of coming home to having to search for a health care plan or going out and applying for a job. I believe that a veteran should come home to a home provided, health care, and a job if they can work. Veterans day is important to me because my grandfather and my father were veterans as well. November 11th has always been important to me because it makes me believe that one day we can have peace within the world.

Ferguson, Missouri is an example of why we should have peace. On August 14th, 2014, chaos broke out in Ferguson Missouri all because a police officer had shot an unarmed African American teenager named Michael Brown. The police officer that had shot Michael brown was Darren Wilson. Darren Wilson had shot Michael Brown a total of twelve times and while shooting him witnesses say that Michael Brown had his hands up in surrender. The people were outraged and fought by starting a violent protest. The police fought back by launching tear gas and stun grenades towards the protestors who ignored the warnings to clear the streets and disperse. Now this is a problem because the police officer may have been too quick to shoot. A possible solution to this problem is that the police officers shouldn’t be so quick to shoot. Instead of being so quick to shoot police officers they could wait and see if they stop and turn around to see what they are going to do because they may be surrendering, but the police officer could still have his gun out and ready to shoot in case something goes wrong , but that doesn’t mean we need to revert back to violence.By doing this we could potentially prevent future violent protest. A possible way to prevent future violent protest we need to try and communicate instead of automatically reacting with violence, but also by communicating we could possibly bring peace within the world.

So, this is the reason I vision peace within the world for America. I would like to thank the ones who fought. I have to thank you not because it’s required or because it’s polite, but because I truly want to because if none of you would have fought then I wouldn’t be able to stand here today and tell you my vision for America in the future right here and right now. I also have to thank you because of the freedom I have today and this country has today. So, thank you.

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