My Vision

8 August 2016

What is your vision for the future? What is your purpose in life? What gets you out of bed every morning? These are questions we must constantly ask ourselves. As a college student, these are questions that are drowned out by the noise of academia, but as a young entrepreneur these are questions I ask myself daily. I have a vision for change that has come from a longing of something more by a Power greater than myself. Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world. ” I read this quote everyday and I have made the decision to stop complaining about the world I live in and take action to change a world I believe in.

It is my goal to inspire people’s imaginations again. To cause them to dream new dreams and remember old dreams that society forced them to forget. I want to help people become more than they every thought they could. It is my goal to bring business to the streets and end poverty. I think people have forgot how to have fun in this world and cherish true friendships and genuine fun. My goal is simply to walk in integrity and brighten this world with other’s people’s smiles. People have forgotten what it is like to love, to laugh, and to dance, and to cry.

My Vision Essay Example

To accomplish my goals and to live my dreams I know I need a plan. I have learned that any dream is just a fantasy if you don’t have a thought out, concrete plan of action that leads to the finish line. I know I will live my vision. I know my dreams will come true. I won’t sleep until the mission is complete. My plan is to build an unmovable foundation during my college years and prepare my heart and mind for the challenges ahead. Mistakes will come through challenging experiences, but I know that we learn best through the art of doing.

I know that I will sometimes fail, but failure to me is just an opportunity to grow. I am a leader in organizations on my campus and use this opportunity to develop myself as a true leader. I save all my money and attend educational seminars to learn from people with more commas in their bank account than my professors in school. Most importantly, I have taken action from the things I’ve learned and have made tremendous progress to becoming financially free before graduation. During my summers I serve my neighbors. In 2009, I served in Miami, Florida’s poorest neighborhood, running day camps for kids.

This past summer in 2010, I served in Tennessee as a youth minister for a downtown church. I also recently took a position to pioneer an entrepreneur program in Helena Arkansas for an organization called “Together in Hope”. I am connected with many of Charlotte’s wealthy business owners and real estate investors. I make it my duty to buy dinner twice a month for someone who has what I want in life. My vision for success is I am going to become a very successful real estate investor and business owner and then I’m going to give back to the streets that I serve.

I have a vision for an intentional community right in the heart of poverty in Charlotte, NC. I have served my neighbors in Charlotte since I moved here and they have captured my heart. They all have amazing talents that only need to be focused. My vision is to have a community that will block out the violence of drug wars and be united by the hard work of true love. I will use my business skills and salesmanship to attract the brightest minds across the country, united for a cause greater than ourselves. I will get local, top-notch, teachers to volunteer their time for the kids in the neighborhood.

I will build a community center in the middle of the hood where kids would have a safe place to hangout and play ball. I will hire a MMA Fighter to come teach the kids about discipline and hard work. I will make a park in the neighborhood surrounded with beautiful flowers so every time a kid looks out his window he won’t see concrete and construction. I will build a pool in the middle of the park where kids could learn how to swim and have a garden around it and walls to draw graffiti on. I will host an after school program that I will lead at first but then hire brighter people than myself to lead.

It will teach kids real education. Children will learn communication skills, public speaking, sales, creativity and encouragement. I will not teach them how to get a job, I would teach them to be great. We will learn how to make things with our hands. Woodworking and crafts would be teamed up with cooking and sewing and we will all dream new dreams and imagine new lifestyles. A 5-star cook will show kids what real food taste like. I will have old ladies come in and teach the neighborhood the art of a garden. We will all plant foods and have a produce store in the neighborhood that runs like a business and it will make a profit.

All of the profits will be used for a micro lending program that encourages locals to start their own small business and pursue their passion for success. The goal is to create systems so we can use business to take this comminute to other cites in America. The whole community will be run like a business and it will run to make a profit. But it will not be motivated by money it will be motivated by love. My vision is to be a different kind of businessman. I want to live in my neighborhood in Charlotte. I will live among the people. Because you cannot lead the people until you love the people.

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