My writing Style

6 June 2017

When approaching a writing assignment, my style varies from each piece of paper that I write, depending on the topic. I feel that I have to be in a mood to write, even if it is the first stages of writing. I normally do a lot of prewriting, and get my ideas down on a piece of paper. My paper usually ends up with ideas all over the place, but I feel that as long as I am getting these ideas down on paper, I will at least have a picture of what I am working with.

The next step that I do that is part of the writing rocess is look over my thoughts and ideas on the paper and get them in order. Making sure that the sentences that I have wrote down make sense and have a good flow. I usually then reread what I have wrote down and add to my sentences, also, I add other thoughts that I think will help support my ideas. One of the most important part of the writing process that I do is revise and proofread my writing assignments, over and over again. I check to make sure that my grammar, spelling and use of unctuations are appropriate and make sense.

I then reread my writing assignments or essays and continue to add sentences and correct the wording in my sentences. At times I feel that I can get confused with the last two steps, and sometimes have to take a break from feeling overwhelmed. I make sure that I am making my point and that everything is very clear for my reader. I hope that I have explained well enough what goes on in my mind when I am working on my writing assignments and how my thoughts and mind do the writing process.

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