Mystic River Movie Paper for Psychological Disorders

10 October 2016

Here are the requirements for this exercise. You are to use the Library’s databases in Psychology (see the topic above on Finding Psychological Research-based Articles). Then, please post the following: 1. Tell us your search topic and how many results you found. i used PsycARTICLES and my search topic was PTSD and Sexual Abuse. First i just put PTSD and 673 results came up, so i put in sexual abuse which narrowed it down to 46 results. 2. Is the article you selected an empirical research study*? How do you know?

The article is an empirical research study because it is based on a collection of data and i put selected to only look up empirical full text researches. 3. How does this topic apply to your Media Review Paper? The movie i selected is mystic rivers. The main character is dealing with ptsd from his childhood past event. So the topic i chose to research definitely apply to my media review paper. 4. Please post the reference for your article here in APA style. i don’t think i really understand how to do this correctly.

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