Na Na by Trey Songz

9 September 2019

The Life of Trey Songz

Trey Songz’s Real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson. He just recently released a new song called “Na Na”. He is a Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter, known for hit songs like “Can’t Help but Wait”. “Na Na” is an R&B (Rhythm and Blues)/ soul song. Three important things to know are what “Na Na” is about, songs he has written, and what inspires him to sing.

A few personal facts about Trey Songz are that he was born on November 28, 1984. His mother, April, was 17 when she had Trey. He was raised in a military family. At 29 years old he stands six feet 1 inch tall, and currently lives in Petersburg, Virginia. In his family he has 3 siblings, Forrest Neverson, Nikki Neverson, and Alex Neverson. Some movies he has starred in are “Texas Chainsaw 3D”, “Baggage Claim” and “Preachers Kid”. Not only is he an actor but he has produced a lot of popular songs.

Trey Songz writes multiple different genres such as; R&B/ soul, hip hop, and rap.. His most recent song that was released in 2014 and was named “Na Na”. Another popular song was named “Heart Attack” and was released in 2012. In 2010 he wrote another song called “Bottoms Up”. To kick off his singing career, he released his debut album “I Gotta Make It” in 2005. His second album was released in 2007 called “Trey Day”. In 2009 his third album “Ready”, was released. “Passion, Pain and Pleasure” was Trey’s fourth studio album and it was released on the day of September 14, of 2010. Songz’s most recent album named “Chapter V” was released on August 21, 2012. Trey had to have an inspiration that got him to write all of his songs.
Trey’s mother, April (Gholson) Tucker, is the person who introduced him to his journey. She convinced him to enter in nearby talent shows. When he was littler he won a total of 20 different talent shows. While he was at one of the many talent shows he entered, he met his current producer, Troy Taylor. Trey’s friends were also very helpful and supportive in his decisions to enter into talents shows to possibly become a singer. Songz’s mother, producer, and his friends in were all very supportive in his career choice and are his inspirations to keep singing-songwriting.
His mother was 17 when Trey was born. Trey Songz has had 5 Album through his career as a singer-songwriter such as his first album “Chapter V” and his debut album “I Gotta Make It”. His mother is what keeps him pursuing his career in being a singer-songwriter. “Na Na” by Trey Songz is an R&B/ soul song. At first he didn’t think singing would be his career choice but he was incorrect. Anyone who can sing can become a singer they just need to strive for it.

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