11 November 2018

Fasting is an act of abstaining from all food, drinks or both for a certain period of time probably for a religious purpose. Fasting is always attached to a particular religious belief, for example, Christian faith. Fasting may have a great negative impact on the work with child or children. In most cases, the person fasting does this so as to devote himself or herself to religious activity such as prayer.

Therefore the person may not get ample time to be with the child, to share and even interact with the child hence the child will always be left alone to do the work they wish to do without proper guidance and directions. This is hazardous to young children who deserve to be mentored.A communication difficulty is one that may hinder one’s ability to talk, understand, read, write or make or interpret a gesture. There are several examples of such difficulties, one of them may be a school going child who may not be able to complete his or her assignment simply because he has a difficulty in reading and writing.

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Children who do not know how to read well when given the assignment to do may not be able to complete since he may not comprehend what the whole assignment is all about. Again in a case where the child is unable to write what he intended to give or the response of the assignment, then it becomes pretty difficult for him to communicate with the teacher on the assignment he or she was given to tackle. This will bring about communication failure.

Another example of a communication disorder is that of a two-year-old child who may not be able to speak any word. Such a child may not be able to express all that he or she feels and sometimes may opt to use some signs in order to communicate such as through crying of which some of this signs or gestures may not be fully understood by their mother or the person taking charge of the child. In such case, communication may be hampered. Another good example of communication difficulty in a communication that involves an older person who has hearing difficulties, in such a case the older may not be able to understand all that is entailed in the message especially when the medium of communication is via audio machines.There are several ways in which one can establish a respectful and professional relationship with adults for example when discussing with them it is good to show them that you are approachable, let them know that you are willing to hear their views anytime they feel like raising them. There is also need to give support to them when they require, show respect, never gossiping about them, showing commitment to them and even responding to them politely. One can also establish a respectful relationship with adults by addressing them using the titles they prefer and hence showing respect such titles may include Mrs.

or Mr. before mentioning their names. There is also a need to try handling disagreements in a way that will maintain a positive relationship with them.Children and young people will always look to adults as their perfect role models so therefore there is a need for adults behave in such a way that the child will copy the good behavior in the adult. Being approachable to the child and giving them some praise and maintaining eye contact will make the child feel comfortable with you as an adult as a result child is able to trust in you. The way adults behave have a great impact on a child, this is seen in how children role-play themselves by playing the role of a teacher, their mothers, and fathers. The best adult relationship between adults and children will enable children to stick to the rules and regulations and other virtues such as honesty that is pertinent in the day to day life.

This is because children will always copy the same behavior being practiced by the adults or their teachers.

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