Napoleon and the French Revolution Essay Sample

The Gallic Revolution began as a motion against the subjugation of monarchical authorities and separationist powers within Gallic citizens ; an thought. manifested in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. where work forces are born with natural freedoms. The Declaration ratified that “men are born and remain free and equal in rights. ” and it was the duty of the Gallic authorities to continue those rights. After 10 old ages of revolution. the Gallic authorities eventually settled into an uncomfortable confusion. where the one time strong and clear ardor of rebellion had turned into an adrift effort at orderly authorities.

While the thought of freedom was still noted within the Gallic. the people were so starved for leading that they were willing to accept anything or anyone that presented itself ; and in 1799. general Napoleon Bonaparte seized control of Frances authorities. A new signifier of democracy was proclaimed in which Napoleon straight controlled about all of the authorities. Napoleon proceeded to govern France for the following 16 old ages. during which he rose to the self-proclaimed rubric of consul for life. so to Emperor Napoleon I by returning France to a monarchy. The radical epoch that had begun in an effort to restrict oppressive authorization had ended with a authorities much more monocratic than the old monarchy.

In this sense. Bonaparte and his imperium were direct informers of the Gallic Revolution aim. While the creative activity of Napoleon’s imperium contrasted the radical purpose. there were facets of the Gallic Revolution retained by Napoleon. including a defined codification of Gallic Torahs patriotism within the Gallic people. At the beginning of the revolution. a rush of patriotism spread throughout the citizens as France joined together to take over their authorities. This sense of patriotism was lost in the ulterior old ages of revolution. until Napoleon arrived and the Gallic. one time once more. united under the strength of a motivated. capable. and determined leader.

One of Napoleon is most celebrated accomplishments was his creative activity of the Napoleonic Code in 1804 ; though few of the Napoleonic Torahs correspond with the ideals of the revolution. the construct of a individual set of Torahs for all of France was continuously strived for during the revolution. but ne’er attained. However. during the revolution. Torahs were created to advance equality between work forces and adult females. every bit good as equality between all categories and rankings of citizen. Napoleon’s Torahs undid most of the statute law refering to women’s rights ; and though Napoleon did non convey back the old category system. he did make a system of rank based on demonstrated abilities.

These changes. and others. wholly undermined the advancement that the revolution had made towards lawful equality. Throughout his reign. Napoleon Bonaparte drastically expanded France’s district through warfare between other European states. He began these wars while France was still to the full take parting in wars in the America’s. and still in an huge sum of debt from those wars.

In fact. one of the chief motives for the revolution was France’s indignation at their ain government’s debt. and how that debt was impacting their lives. Though there was superficial bang in the chance of war and enlargement. the implicit in temper of the French was their weariness towards war. Napoleon’s legion wars aggravated adjacent European states every bit good as his ain state.

After the reign of Napoleon. France was left in a really similar state of affairs as to how they were after the Gallic Revolution: war stricken. in debt. and without a incorporate cardinal authorities. Although Napoleon was a really prominent—mostly negative—aspect of the post-revolutionary clip. he left France with small impact on the people. other than advancing their hesitance towards future autarchy. In this sense. Napoleon’s really being was good to France because it warned them against state of affairss that might stop up like the Napoleonic Era.

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