Napoleon and the French Revolution

An examination of the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte on the social and institutional changes that arose from the French Revolution.

The paper argues that a fundamental shift to a more i just society, with a bureaucratic and rational culture, and a country with less oppression and more individual freedom and opportunity is what evolved out of the work of the first French revolutionaries, such as Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon did much to promote and advance the wide-ranging social, economic, and cultural changes that arose from the French Revolution, and it is this legacy and its completion by Bonaparte that this essay focuses on. The principles are divided into several areas: religious, legal, educational, and economic, as well as comments on the institution of the military.
“In addition, the seizure and sale of church lands was finally declared irrevocable and purchases of biens nationaux were guaranteed to the new property owners. The Church would never regain its unearned wealth and economic power. To put it simply, under the Concordat the Catholic Church was no longer an independent corporation within the state, but a body of salaried state servants dependent on the government.”
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