Napoleon Bonoparte: hero or villain?

8 August 2016

“Women are nothing but machines for producing children. ” This is a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte, a former ruler of France once said. The people of France see Napoleon as a hero, but he was merely nothing but a villain in disguise as a hero. Half of France looked at Napoleon as the country’s savior because he got them out of debt, took over and gained more land, gave all men equal rights, and you were free in france to practice any religion you please.

The other half of France, was women. They were not included in having equal rights, and were discriminated amongst the rest of the population. Napoleon was basically a tyrant, he took over France without the power to do so, and crowned himself, when the pope is the once who has high enough power to crown people. He was a very selfish and cocky man. Yes, in a military point of view he was a genius! However that doesn’t make him a hero nor a villain.

Napoleon Bonoparte: hero or villain? Essay Example

You can still have amazing strategy and intelligence but still be the villain in the story. The Napoleon wars were the most deadly wars in history at the time. Napoleon Bonaparte caused millions of people to die in battle all because of his greed to gain more and more land. Some say he never committed violence on his own person, for the most part that is a true statement, but not giving woman many rights at all was a very cruel act. Napoleon was not a hero, just an intelligent villain.

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