Narrative report

7 July 2016

Our school, ———- let us students to engage and experience the things happening in the actual world of Agriculture through our Field Practice in farms. This training will help us to acquire knowledge and skills that will serve as a tool to face the challenges of life in the future. It will set our mind of what does a real world of agriculture is all about. Agriculture especially about Animal Science focuses on how animals are cared and feed, it also related in decision making and business operations.

It also somewhat related to the development of our skills in management. Thus, experience is vital to one’s improvement and preparing students to their career is the best way to set them on success. Practicum is one method by which students are exposed with different work situation designed to give students an opportunity to experience and a chance to apply the theories and computation that they have learned from the school.

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It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting.

During the field practice shows the accomplishments and skills being enhanced during the period that gave us the best training ground as a beginner. In doing a task, we must exert our full effort into the maximum level in order to do what the task requires. The following are the tasks that I have performed during our practicum such as castration of piglets, hoof trimming, silage and hay making, making of salted egg and feeding and taking care of livestock and poultry.

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