Narrative Report

9 September 2016

I respect and thank Philippine Airport Ground Support Solution for giving me an opportunity to do this internship on their company and providing us all support and guidance which made me complete my training on time, I am extremely grateful to them for providing such a nice support though they had busy schedule managing the company affairs. I wish to express my sincere thanks to SALCI [Sky Aviation Learning Center] and Ms. Ailene Sapina, the SALCI Training Head for guiding us all along, till the completion of our training by providing all the necessary information for developing a good system.

They inspired us greatly to work on this training. Their willingness to motivate us contributed tremendously to our job. I also thank OSM Department, and to my supervisors Mr. Gerald Ambe and Ms. Shayne Calzado for their expert, sincere and valuable guidance and encouragement extended to me. I place on record, my sincere gratitude to INTO [Internship Office] for their unceasing encouragement and support, and also for their guidance and suggestions from the very beginning and till the completion of my internship. Dedication:

This work is dedicated to my Parents, who initiated and encourage me to learn and explore things that I would help me grown as a human being. Company Profile: HISTORY Philippine Airport Ground Support Solutions, Inc. traces its roots back in April 1996 when PAIRCARGO, our mother company, formed a joint venture with Lufthansa Airport and Ground Services (LAGS) in establishing ground handling services at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The newly established Ground Handler was branded as Philippine Airport Ground Services (PAGS).

Within two years from its establishment, towards the end of 1998, Lufthansa shares were purchased by Globe Ground GmbH. This resulted in the re-branding of the company name from PAGS, to Globe Ground PAGS – Manila on August 1999. EventuNCE: As a trainee I had so much experience in this training and on the same time, were having fun while doing the job because SALCI PAIR-PAGSS are provided with abundant opportunities to sharpen various skills through on-the-job training and extensive exposure.

This is a company where fulfilling projects and missions would take me to many parts in the world, and also in Tourism Industry. I could also develop intelligence and knowledge in a wide range of industry. Here I trained with committed and professional colleagues who are eager to embrace challenges for not just the good of their company only but also for making the Philippines, the home of the best ground handlers in the world. We have so much activity we need to be done to complete this internship.

Were given a chance to experience the 5DP (5Day Program) of the company, SALCI Pair-Pagss. The 5DP program contains of some important matters and activities about the company and also in tourism industry that will surely help me to be more knowledgeable when it comes on my chosen career or field. On the first day of our 5DP, we discussed about the Pagss Company Profile, Rules and Regulations, for us to be more familiar on the company where we are deployed. They let us know when, where, and how the company begins and become the most leading ground handlers on the country.

The workshop was administrated by Ms. Ailene Sapina, the SALCI Training Head. On the second meeting, we tackle about the Quality Telephone Techniques and Customer Service Orientation. Discussing the Quality Telephone Techniques, we learned what is the proper way and proper modulation of voice when answering customer phone calls while the Customer Service Orientation they teach us the proper techniques of giving the best service that the customers will be satisfied.

I also learned advantages and disadvantages I can get on dealing with different kinds of customers, and how we can handle the difficulties like customer’s demands and complaints. SALCI tested our maturity and confidence we’ve got for ourselves on the third day, by facing the Personality Development, Work Etiquette and most important and at the same time the most nervous part of it , the one on one Mock Job Interview. The Flight Attendant Workshop on the fourth day, the most interesting for me.

On this workshop, the one who trained us is a former Chief Flight Attendant in Etihad Airlines. She teach us so many things we need to be aware for us to be a successful flight attendant in the future including the proper gestures and grooming, and also the proper make up that the flight attendant must applied. She keeps on motivate us to pursue our dreams, because there are no impossible things if you believe in yourself.

On the fifth and last day of the workshop, is the MIAA Security Awareness Seminar, the trainer gives us examinations for us to be sure that we are aware of the rules and regulation and some important matters once we enter the airport. And on the following day, were given a chance to have an airport familiarization tour on the terminals including terminals 1, 2 and 3. After the 5DP workshop, we start our actual training and we are deployed on the different departments of the company. I’m assigned on Operation Service in Maintenance or they called OSM Department.

I’m supervised under by MR. Gerald Ambe, the Assistant Secretary of the Dept Head. He told us that there is so many things to be aware of when it comes to OSM because they’re the one who are responsible once the aircraft has landed. The most fun and enjoyable was the SALCI Cares, SALCI Shares, and SALCI Fun Run on our last day, and I was assigned as one of the committee of the fun run, and it’s another compliment for me. The trainees and employees of PAIR-PAGSS were required to join. The fun run contains 50hours credits. EVALUATION, RECOMMENDATION/ SUGGESTIONS OF THE COMPANY:

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