Nas – God&#39s Son

1 January 2020

With the son of a god comes greatness, right? Well, it’s true in the case of Nas’s new album, “God’s Son.” With the success and critical acclaim of his last album, “Stillmatic,” Nas was able to keep to his roots and drop an album so good that its kind has not been heard since the glory years of the late Tupac.

“God’s Son” contains 14 tracks, including a bonus CD with extra cuts and media for those with a PC. It starts off with “Get Down,” a song with a masterful beat and lyrics that describe the tribulations of his last few years. “The Cross,” where Eminem shows off his producing skills, is another great song where Nas tries to refer to himself as the “Jesus of rap.” The first single from this CD, “Made You Look,” is hot and only gets better the more you listen. Nas also sings about his early years in the rap game, and his beef with the deceased Notorious BIG (Chris-topher Wallace).

Nas – God&#39s Son Essay Example

Nas then addresses his issues with another rapper, Jay-Z. Nas calls himself Scarface, and Jay is called Manolo. (Anybody who has seen the movie, you know what happens.) Personally, I don’t know why he still talks about his beef with Jay-Z. Nas killed Jay-Z with “Ether,” and for me, that ended it.

The second single, “I Can,” is quite possibly the best track, with its soft, mellow beat that flows perfectly. The song is for children who are lost and caught up in this hip-hop persona, giving them the message that you can be whatever you want, and you don’t have to live in that stereotype. To top the song off, Nas gives a little history lesson about his culture.

Just go and buy Nas new album, “God’s Son.” Without question, this has to be album of the year in the rap world, and in music in general. The lyrics are just marvelous, and the production is amazing. For me, as a fan of hip-hop, it’s sad to see the direction in which the music and artists are taking the rap game. Nas is part of a dying breed of MCs who are philosophical. He talks about the issues in the world today, and his music relates to real people, unlike other rappers who just talk about their cars, houses, jewelry and money. To me, that is tiring. So listen to real music, listen to “God’s Son.” Trust me, you will not regret it.

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