Nate, Nathan, Nathaniel

4 April 2019

I know you wanted a college essay written by one person, but this has been written by three…in a way.I like to think the different aspects of me are different people sometimes; Nathaniel, Nathan, and Nate.That is partly why I dread the first day of school, where the most difficult assignment is to pack all of my identity and qualities into one short paragraph to read in front of the class or describe myself in a mere three words.So here I am describing myself as three people instead.

To my parents I am Nathaniel: the full name means “God’s given”.I was named that because after years of trying repeatedly and after seven miscarriages, just when my parents were about to give up, they were finally were able to conceive their first child together.As Nathaniel, I embrace the fact I am the child of Haitian immigrants and the first generation of my family to be born in America with abundant opportunities in comparison to them.My parents are constantly pushing me to take the hardest courses; advanced placement classes, honors classes, and learn all I can and to not waste this opportunity now.My parents look at me as a gift and I do not intend to prove them wrong.

Nate, Nathan, Nathaniel Essay Example

Nathan is who my friends see most often.Nathan is that impulsive thought in your head, adventurous at times, and clever.Nathan is Class Vice President, the affable assistant teacher at the daycare where the kids love him, and the skater.Nathan is the one willing to try anything once and does everything Nathaniel thought he would not do.As a young black man in America, Nathan will not be categorized as yet another stereotype based on my appearance; I do not let anyone’s words or actions dictate what I supposedly “should” be, and this is critical if I am to continue on my path to success.

Nate is more of a daydreamer, the quiet kid in the class who loves wearing comfortable hoodies and is rather introverted.When I am Nate I imagine myself being the best at what I do.When I slip into my daydreams I am not just a student taking advanced painting, I am a revolutionary artist who has painted colors never before seen.I am not just an outside hitter on the volleyball team, I am an Olympian who has broken all types of records.My dreams aren’t a sign of laziness.Rather, through daydreams I see different perspectives and realities and they give me something to aspire to and help me relate to others.When I awake I am renewed and ready to take another shot to make a daydream a reality.

Trust me, I am not going through an identity crisis because at the end of the day the three of us are me, myself, and I.Every “person” is just the result me evolving based upon my experiences. I do not have a tragic backstory to tell you; I grew up in a diverse town with loving family and friends, and great opportunities, and I’m just another guy trying to get out into the world and become the best version of myself.

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