Nathaniel Hawthorne

4 April 2015
An analysis of the life and works of this American writer.

In this paper the author analyzes and examines Nathaniel Hawthorne; his life, career, contributions, and works. The author contends that the moral and psychological issues that Hawthorne examines, through the conflicts his characters experience, are often intricate and mysterious and furthermore, that Hawthorne skillfully creates an atmosphere of ambiguity and complexity that makes it difficult to reduce his writings to a simple view of life.

From the paper:

?Hawthorne then moved to Lennox, Massachusetts, where they lived for the following year. It was here that Hawthorne made the acquaintance of Herman Melville, who was writing his first novel, Moby Dick. Hawthorne greatly impacted Melville?s writings, and the dedication of Moby Dick to Hawthorne is evidence of the magnitude of this impact.?

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