Nation and True Patriot

6 June 2016

A patriot. Many people have different views and opinions on such a title. For example, in Oliver Goldsmith’s “National Prejudices” he describes one man with a rather questionable view on patriotism as a “Pseudo-Patriot”. (Goldsmith. 33) Some believe a patriot is someone who loves their country full-heartedly and without question. This of course is how most would see it I assume. A true patriot is someone who can have pride in their country and everything it stands for with honor, and respect. A patriot can love their country without hating or discriminating other countries and cultures. They should help and serve others selflessly, no matter their nationality. Finally, a true patriot should stand for their country, and realize it is not perfect and that all nations have their faults.

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A true patriot is someone who can have pride in their country, and also respect other countries and nationalities for what they are, human beings. They can love and have pride without taking that away from others, simply because of their nationality. This also goes back to Goldsmith’s essay “National Prejudices” when he ponders on the words of a famous philosopher when he was asked where he was from he simply replied, “I am a citizen of the world.” Meaning, to him, there is no difference in people of different nationalities, for we all inhabit this earth.

As most people think, a patriot should help and serve others selflessly, no matter the nationality of the person in need of help. To many, this shows that the person isn’t so proud and haughty as to shun away someone in need simply because of the color of their skin. For example, in an essay by George Orwell “Marrakech” he witnesses pain and suffering of a poor Moroccan population, but does not help them. He only ponders on the suffering of these people and how they live their lives going almost completely unnoticed. (Orwell. 37) In my own opinion, this also shows a lot about that person and their character.

It shows that they are willing to help, no matter the cost. Selfless service is a very important characteristic that most everyone needs. In comparison to said “Pseudo-Patriot” in Goldsmiths essay, he might have turned his cheek to someone in need simply based on the color of their skin. It might be humiliating to such a person and cause reason for embarrassment.

I will start this opinion by saying that no nation is perfect in any sense of the word. Though as I said before, a patriot should have pride in their country and they also need to realize the faults in it. Though many nations are strong and can support themselves very well, none are perfect. They all have their faults and imperfections, a true patriot will accept these. They may be few or many, but no matter, any true patriot will accept them and move past these to better the nation as a whole.

A patriot can be described as many things, from a war veteran to a school teacher. Though many think of a patriot as something they are not. Everyone can have the right attitude about a patriot, though it may take some time to get people to understand a true patriot. A true patriot has pride his or her country, but also has respect for other cultures and nationalities around them. They should also provide service to whomever it is needed, without discrimination. Finally, they need to come to the realization that no nation is perfect, and that it needs to be accepted by everyone for better understanding of their country. We can use these morals to become better citizens and help improve our outlook on what we call Patriots.

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