National Audubon Society

Environmental group’s purpose, philosophy, values (land ethic, advocacy, interdependence), accomplishments, projects in 1990s & future.

The Audubon Society was founded in 1886 to prevent the extinction of birds (Backman 98-100). The catalyst for founder George Bird Grinnell was the senseless slaughter of birds associated with the plume trade. The new society was named after John James Audubon who was Grinnell’s boyhood idol.

Mission, Goals, and Philosophy
Rooted in more than a century of activism on behalf of birds, the National Audubon Society maintains the traditions of its founders (Flicker 6). Just as threats to birds have evolved, so have the methods applied by the National Audubon Society to effecting change on their behalf. No longer is the organization fighting the hunters of commerce. Today, threats to birds are less …

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