National Cranberry Essay Sample

9 September 2017

How might transport vehicles be utilized more efficaciously? Should crews be scheduled otherwise on extremum yearss?

Would the installing of a berry grader positively impact the farmers’ income or the cooperative’s?

What is the impact of put ining one new drier? Two new driers? Walliston – overseer at RP1 put in 2 new driers ( $ 25. 000 each ) and convert dry berry keeping bins so that they can be used to hive away either H2O harvested or dry berries ( $ 5000 per bin ) Equipment and installing lead times are in surplus of 6 months Hugo Schaeffer – Vice President at NCC ( National Cranberry Cooperative ) Mel O’Biren – helper

Spent $ 75000 – 5th Kiwanee dump truck
Timeframe – Feb 14. 1971
Percentage of H2O harvested berries this twelvemonth will increase to 70 % of toal procedure fruit from last year’s 58 % Overtime costs were still out of control – this autumn

Agriculturists upset – Trucks and drivers had to pass so much clip waiting to unload procedure fruit into the receiving works. Agriculturists – proprietors of the coperative resent have to rent trucks and hire drivers to acquire berries out of the field and so watch them stand idle. waiting to drop. By ciphering implied use of every procedure. we found that the drying procedure for wet berries is a constriction ofRP1. Use of driers is 180 % ! ! ! ( comparing to 8~48 % of other procedures. it is so debatable ) . Because of this constriction. 480 barrel of wet cranberries are non processed per hr on an mean “busy” twenty-four hours ( 17. 280 bbls arrive over the 12-hour period ) . As a consequence. our impermanent retention bins are full from 1:40pm to 11:16pm. the dumping procedure ( =truck waiting ) is unbroken traveling until 11:16pm. and RP1 shut-down clip is delayed to 4:36am.

This means. our company has to pay immense money for overtime and dumping cost. To work out this job. I strongly recommend you to add one more drier to drying procedure. We can salvage $ 61. 819 overtime cost and $ 13. 659 truck drivers’ waiting cost. However. the cost for put ining a drier is merely $ 25. 000. We can salvage $ 75. 478! With one more drier. we can shorten over clip from 5. 6hours to 0. 2hours and truck waiting clip reduced from 7. 6hours to0. 8hours.

Because 0. 2hours and 0. 8hours are so little Numberss. we did non cipher the instance when we invest on adding two driers. Merely in instance. we notify you that you do non necessitate to see new investing on bins transition which can non work out the job of overtime cost and net cost economy is – $ 96. 206. Even though it is non related to above constriction issue. investing on light metre system for colour scaling is rather sensible. Last twelvemonth. we pay $ 337. 500more because of inaccurate categorization. Installing light metre system costs merely $ 40. 000. We can salvage $ 297. 500! To abridge. we recommend you to put on one extra drier and light metre system.

What is the intent of the storage bins? Why do storage bins need to be converted? How many should be converted?

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