National Enquirer & Libel Laws

4 April 2015
History of celebrity libel cases against tabloid, major lawyers & litigants, roots of libel law and increasing success of suits.

The National Enquirer has a remarkable track record for avoiding libel suits using a combination of First Amendment freedoms, aggressive lawyering, and patience. In recent years, however, the newspaper has been sued successfully by several celebrities over stories that were shown to be false. The National Enquirer’s main office is a structure on South East Coast Avenue in Lantana, Florida that resembles a school building. However, the flamboyant newspaper has built its reputation on hyperbole rather than straight, scholarly fact. Generoso Pope, Jr., a former C.I.A. operative, is its founding owner. He purchased the paper, then known as the New York Enquirer, in 1952. He made it famous and successful by stressing the lurid and bizarre details of crime stories and by the use of lots of celebrity gossip. The paper publishes about..

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