National Honor Society Paper

8 August 2016

I would be a valuable member to the National Honor Society because I have the ability to set examples and exceed expectations in academics. I am also a hard worker and a great role model who always helps others. I am interested in joining the organization because I am confident in my leadership qualities and want to help the community. I plan to demonstrate leadership, develop character, and create enthusiasm for academic excellence while participating in the National Honor Society. Whenever I set a goal, I am certain to achieve it.

With my outstanding personality and traits, I plan to be useful to the National Honor Society and Catholic Central High School. Also the National Honor Society honors students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Being nominated to become a member of the National Honor Society is a highly prestigious honor, and I am very grateful to be a candidate. It is difficult to narrow down the many instances where I have showed great leadership but many can be found in my involvements in teamwork. I have been looked to as a leader and have taken responsibility for various group projects.

National Honor Society Paper Essay Example

I have discovered much about fairness, compromise, and responsible qualities that are required to be a “good” leader. Often, I have had to sacrifice my own free time and personal desires for the benefit of the group. I believe this is the most important part of being a leader, the ability to sacrifice individual time and desires for the overall gain of the people that you are leading. Therefore with my induction into the national honor society I plan to demonstrate great leadership while also trying harder to be diligent and set an example for others.

I haven’t had much involvement in the local community but I have been a benefit to the elderly that leave near me. During the summer I helped them mow lawns, maintain their gardens; open their pools, do house work, and trim hedges. During the winter I have helped shovel driveways, salt the sidewalks, and make them hot chocolate Also I have served in many soup kitchens such as the St. John/St. Ann’s soup kitchen. Also I have helped in school functions such as the Family Pi Night where people baked pies and did activities related to the math term “pi”.

Therefore, having answered the call to serve others has lead me to realize that the gains received dwarf those given and also the true meaning of service is doing things that make the community a better place, while being a kind person. In addition, I’ve learned that doing service without expecting a reward is more gratifying and more satisfying to know that you did it for the benefit of others. Therefore, with my induction into the National Honor society I will strive to help even more people and make my community a better place.

There are also great qualities in my character and the following are only a few of the many. I have discovered that I have a lot of empathy towards the needy. I uphold principles of morality and ethics. I am very cooperative. I try very hard to be completely honest and reliable. I am not judgmental towards my peer’s differences. I also am a very curious person by nature. Also character to me is doing what’s right and moral when nobody is watching. In addition, character is the way someone acts or a personality trait that tells them apart from someone else, or the way they present themselves.

With my induction into the national honor society I plan to promote my character in a positive light and try to set an example towards others. Due to my abilities and previous experience, I can be considered a valuable candidate because I demonstrate the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. I also feel that if I am fortunate enough to earn inclusion in the NHS, that I would do nothing to detract from the prestige and respectability that is associated with the National Honor Society.

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