National School Lunch Program

6 June 2016

Do you like affordable food? What about a healthy meal? “A starving child is a frightful sight, ” says Anne Rice during an interview. Some would say that school meals taste, smell, and look gross, but the meals are balanced so that every one is healthy like in the My Plate on The National School Lunch Program should continue in schools because it helps low-income families, the meal is healthy, and the school benefits from the funds.

The National School Lunch Program helps low-income families. “Any child at participating school may purchase a meal.” No matter the age, status, race, gender a child who needs food during school and after during school sponsored activities can have a decent meal. “Children from families with incomes at or below 130% of the poverty level qualify for free meals.”

National School Lunch Program Essay Example

Like said before lunches are balanced healthy meals, rather the look appetizing or not. The Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 basically states that public school are required to follow nutritional guidelines during this year if they want government lunch funding. High school lunches are supposed to be no more than 850 calories. That is a good-sized meal. Along with the meals being healthy, this program also benefits the school!

The National School Lunch Program should continue in schools because it helps low income families, the meal is healthy and the school benefits from it. Everyone deserves to have a meal while at school. Also nutrition shouldn’t hinder a decision to eat or not, a healthy meal a day never hurt anyone. Why would schools ever decide to remove funding from their schools? The National School Lunch Program is here to stay. I challenge everyone to realize we are the lucky ones that have this possibility for food during school. Many people around the world would be thankful for having any food items at all.

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