National Stock Exchange

10 October 2016

The said charges will be computed at member level on a daily basis and will be collected on a monthly basis, after reckoning all algo orders and trades of the member: Daily algo Order to Trade Ratio Less than 50 50 to less than 250 (on incremental basis) 250 to less than 500 (on incremental basis) 500 or more than 500 (on incremental basis) * Charges (per algo orders) Nil 1 paise 5 paise 5 paise * In case the ratio is 500 or more than 500 during a trading day, the concerned member shall not be permitted to place any orders for the first 15 minutes on the next trading day(in the continuous trading session) as a cooling off action.

However, the trading member shall be permitted to enter transactions in risk reducing mode in the respective segments during such a cooling off period. Members may note that for the purpose of calculation of Daily Order-to-Trade ratio all algo orders, i. e. , order entry, order modifications and order cancellations will be considered.

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