National Theatre of the Deaf

4 April 2015
Origins & development of traveling troop of deaf actors; aims, funding, productions.

National Theatre of the Deaf
The National Theatre of the Deaf is a showcase for both deaf and hearing talent. Its purpose is to give an opportunity for deaf actors to develop their talent for audiences of all levels–adults, children, hearing and non-hearing. It is a traveling troupe with a rigorous schedule each year. The troupe travels for twenty-six weeks annually (Baldwin 45). It has been highly acclaimed both on the stage and in its television appearances. What began as a hope and wish for a small group of people is now a reality and a fully respected professional theatrical troupe.

Before 1967, there was little professional entertainment for the deaf community. In the cities, organizations for the deaf put on amateur shows and mime presentations. There was no professional group of actors who were deaf or signed. A few..

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