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6 June 2017

American students have different attitudes about studying Contents 1. Tallahassee Democrat, Flag. Tallahassee Democrat, Flag. BY Quit Lie One and a half years ago, when my husband came to Florida State University for his doctorate in oceanography, I accompanied him from China. When I first stepped on American soil, many American things deeply attracted me. Since enrolling at the community college for my associates degree, I have especially noticed the differences between Chinese and American attitudes toward studying. Many of my American lacerates are also Curious about societal, family and educational systems in China.

Expressing my ideas about the effects of these systems on college students in China may help my friends here understand the differences between us. China is a big country, not only in its land but also in its tremendous population. Although the government spends a huge amount of funds on developing education every year, It still can’t satisfy the innumerable students who are seeking knowledge. Thus,unlike in America, where everybody can go to college, a lot of Chinese students do not have the opportunity to study at colleges. For example, the government has a policy that people must be under 25 years of age to be able to go to college.

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Also, students must pass an annual National University Entrance Exam, which Is very strict. Often, only one out of 10 students pass It. The students call this testing month ‘ ‘ Dark July,” implying that this exam decides their fate. Not only do the students regard it as important, but also their parent’s treat It seriously. In America, students can decide to go to college by themselves and their parent’s hardly Interfere with them. In China, old, traditional thoughts are still kept In people’s minds. They think that studying at allege Is an Incomparable honor. If a student Is enrolled In college, his or her parent’s are extremely happy.

They will Immediately tell all their relatives and friends. But If a student doesn’t pass the entrance exam, his parent’s will feel as If they cannot raise their heads In front of others. Some parent’s will even blame their child for not studying hard enough. These common views make some students feel pressure on their hearts. By comparison, American students leave their parent’s earlier and live and work In society by themselves. Most Chinese students never leave their parent’s before they go to college. This dependent life makes them want to obey their parent’s’ advice about everything. Prenatal advice Is their mall Influence.

Some parent’s Insist that their child attend the July exam year after year until he or she passes It. The Influence of the family Is very Important on students In China. When I first came to college here, the American laissez-fairer style of education deeply Interested me. American colleges give students broad space and allow students to develop Independently. Students can freely choose their favorite courses, except for certain required courses. They can even choose their favorite teachers. This Is Incredible to e. In China, the field of study can’t be changed from the first day that the students come to college.

Furthermore, every semester the school has already formulated the limits their development. At the community college, I also observe that quite a number of students cut class without excuses. This behavior is really strange. In China, even if a student is sick, he will normally persist in attending classes. Although the school has strict rules for absent students, the majority of students think that they should take responsibility for their own education. Chinese students study very hard and treasure the opportunity to study. Everyone wants to get the highest score.

In China, there are no part-time students in a university. Tuition is provided by parent’s, so students want to get the highest scores to repay their parent’s’ love. Unlike American students who have a lot of chances to get a good Job, when Chinese students graduate, their grades become a major factor for a good company to choose them. To get a good Job in the future, students must study hard. Obviously, compared with the American educational system, the Chinese educational system could be improved by giving students more freedom to develop their abilities based n their interests.

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