Nationalism – A Comparison of Two Works

4 April 2015
This paper compares two novels and examines the theme of nationalism.

This paper attempts to provide a more critical examination of what is meant by nationalism by looking to two works of fiction ? the 1919 Mr Standfast by John Bucan and the 1933 mystery novel Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. Both of these novels develops ideas of nationalism that are rooted in the historical concerns of these moments in time. Both in many ways now seem to us rather quaintly nostalgic. However, it is important to understand how very much the ideas ? and ideals ? of nationalism that are expressed in these two books are still with us today.
From the paper:

“We are currently surrounded with reminders of how the fabric of nationalism is woven: This has, of course, been especially true since the attacks on American on the 11th of September. It has become increasingly difficult to go anywhere now without seeing flags or other forms of patriotism and nationalism. And yet, while the heart may indeed swell at such demonstrations, the current uprising of nationalist sentiment provides a moment not only for us to join together in mutually felt pride in our nation but also to examine precisely what it is that nationalism means.”

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