Nationalism Essay

9 September 2016

Alex Cheveldave “But I find that the time has probably come for us to realize what we have in common. Because living together and being part of a country, being part of a nation, means being able to project ourselves and relate to common values, to certain principles, to our institutions also. ”     – Governor General Michaelle Jean To what extent have historical and contemporary examples of nationalism in Canada shown the same perspective as the source above? The source is a quote from Governor General, Michaelle Jean on how a country can be related.

As we start to find common ground with each other, we will grow as a nation. She states that “living together and being part of a country, being part of a nation means being able to project ourselves and relate to common values, to certain principles, to our institutions also. ”  In simpler words Michaelle Jean is saying that over time the country of Canada has came to be a nation by projecting ourselves as one and relating through interests and events both historically and contemporary. By the common values being evident in Canada it helps us to take part in events that will shape the nation.

Nationalism Essay Essay Example

Many famous events can help to support the interests and perspectives of Michaelle Jean. The best way to learn about and help to form any nation, is to find common values to create a more recognizable relationship. This is a good way to learn how people in Canada live as well. Canadian history provides a look into how the nation became strong and recognized. Every society has values, which make it unique and are important to its members. It is impossible to provide a simple description of Canadian culture and Canadian values. Vimy Ridge, 1917, proved Canada to be a strong part in WWI.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge put the Canadian Military on the map as a noticeable and powerful institution. An institution is any structure or mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given community. Canada being brought together through similar values helped to create an institution of Canadian Military. The Canadian Troops took Vimy Ridge April 12th, 1917. They pushed forward as a group with the principle to successfully complete their task. Coming into the battle Canada was seen as a weak point. A group of a below average.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge began at dawn on Easter Monday, April 9, 1917, when all four divisions of the Canadian Corps attacked Vimy Ridge above the Douai Plain in France. The Canadian Military institution seen vimy ridge as a common goal, it was something that everyone in the nation wanted. It was a battle that would help to finish WWI. As a canadian institution it was necessary to take Vimy Ridge. It represented Canada as a powerful war allie that soon led to gaining allies. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the biggest single Allied advance on the Western front up to that point in WWI. A value comes from within.

Values is used to determine what kind of person you are. The FLQ crisis was a perfect example of how the Canadian population grouped together with similar values and faced troubles from another group with different values. In October of 1970 there was an FLQ crisis also called the October Crisis that was run by the FLQ. What is the FLQ and what does it stand for? The FLQ stands for Front de Liberation du Quebec, is a group of people that were trained in Cuba to be terrorists on our home soil. Canada seen this group of terrorists as nothing but a group with opposing values, and goals.

Their goal was to try to force the government of Canada to let the province of Quebec create a government of their own. As Quebec tried to do this the nation of Canada came together creating a brotherhood to shutdown the attempts of Quebec. By having nation wide common values, the group of terrorists trained by Cuba were immediately pushed away do to the difference in opinions. During the October Crisis the War Measures Act was introduced for self-defense because the FLQ group was getting so out of hand. The attempt of Quebec trying to disband as a province of Canada, helped to create its independence.

Canada became a nation of common values. The source that was given by Michaelle Jean, stating her opinion on the relationship between Canadians. That being said, she is not suggesting that all Canadians get along and cooperate together. It is the complications of values and the importance of specific beliefs between the larger groups within Canada. From the beginning sentence of the source Michaelle Jean believes “that the time has probably come for us to realize what we have in common” giving the fairly obvious perspective that the people of Canada need to further connect in a positive manner. NATIONALISM!!

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