Native American Tribes Project

1 January 2018

Similarities between both tribes A. Both tribes at first were called Seminole and were part of Creek Nation ND both primarily spoke in “Microscope” B. They are both related by their culture but far from similar in their political views.

C. In 1813-1814 Seminole in Alabama fought back against the whites (Euro-Americans) and other Creek nations siding with the whites which started the “Creek War” and lead survivors into Florida and migrating westward into what is now known as Oklahoma 1. 832 the Pane’s Landing treaty was signed to allow Seminole to build a reservation in Oklahoma along with compensation for each tribal member a) 10,OHO/Month D. In 1 830 is when the “Trails of Tears” was derived following the “Indian Removal Act” 1 . The Seminole where then forced to migrate west of the Mississippi river even after the Pane’s Landing treaty was signed. E. Between 1813-1858 there were 3 wars that were resulted from the “Creek War’ because the Seminole crossed over there land and tried to fight back to avoid ‘White Control” 1 .

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These were known as the First Seminole war, Second Seminole war, and the Third Seminole war, they were then forced to surrender after the third war and were forced back into the Indian territories. F. By 1913 there were 18 reservations in Florida, but the Indians in Arid eve split up into 2 different tribes focusing on their political and cultural views. 1 . One is known as the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which are based off of more traditional views, and the other is known as the Microscope Tribe of Indians in Florida, which has sustained the Seminole culture and language. . These two tribes where built for those who refused to sign a treaty to live on Indian Territory west of the Mississippi river.

G. Both tribes are currently still living under the “Macomb Truce” which means they are just settling in an area until they can come to an agreement with the IIS II. Seminole Tribe of Florida A. The name Seminole means “runaway’ or “wild men” B. Seminole are considered the Upper Creeks C. They diverse themselves between 2 different languages: Muskeg (Creek) and Microscope 1.Like I said above In South Florida most Seminole speak Microscope D.

In 1 957 the Seminole government was established to deal with the business matters regarding the tribal finances and control of the members 1. The same year is when the Seminole constitution was created E. There are 3 requirements to becoming a tribal member . The first requirement is that you have to be at least 1/4 of Seminole bloodline 2. The second is that be from a single generation of a tribal member, meaning you can’t have multiple clans (family). . Last is you must be sponsored by a current tribal member and be voted in by the tribal council IV.

Microscope Tribe of Indians in Florida A. Microscope Indians are known as the Lower Creeks B. They separated themselves to concentrate more on the Indian tradition. 1. Art work, Clothing and Jewelry C. While they were forced to migrate west, about 500 people hid in the everglades and later became what we know now as Microscope Indians 1 . To them the everglades is known as the “River of Grass” 2.

Because they have resided so long in the everglades they call to it their homeland and refer to it as “Kathleen” it means “the light of the grassy waters” D. There are currently 4 different Microscope reservations in the state of Florida: Tamaki Trail, Alligator Alley, Groom Eve, and US 41. 1. The biggest reservation is the one on Groom Eve E. Microscope requirements are almost similar to that of Seminole but the bloodline amounts are slightly different.

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