Native by One Republic

7 July 2019

One Republic is one of my favorite band. Few years ago I went to their concert in Prague and I loved it! When they were playing Apologize the whole club was singing with them. So I was really excited about the new album.

And I finally got it! And it is exactly how I imagined, maybe even better.

One Republic showed their best. The album is full of energy. Some of the songs are slowly some of them are faster. But together it sounds really nice.

They are usually singing about love and life and this album is not different.
The one that made me almost cried when I heart it for the first time is Counting Stars. Not slow, not fast. Something in the middle and that’s just perfect.

Feel again – this was the first song from the album that was played at the radios. And you could just feet again that this album would be good.

Preacher – slowly, emotional. Singing about how it was when he was a kid and about his dad. Very lovely, it makes me cry too…

When you compare this album with One Republic’s older work you would see that there are not much difference. It is still lovely, full of emotion. I like this album. One thing that I would say, that One Republic could have more faster songs.

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