Sensing process has to do with the way humans perceive things like seeing, hearing, smell, taste and touchy Humans perceive stimuli from the outside and inside of their body, Sensing controls the way the brain functions it allows people to pick up on vibes, and have gut telling about retain solutions_ sensing helps the brain observe and get Ideas about things that are happening around them, People are able to pick up on things easily, and suspect things without even knowing what the situation might be.

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Memory is the process that Is used to store Information In the brain In which It makes It easier to retain, and retrieve Information from It later mom There are three major processes that make LIP the memory process. Encoding: is the process that forms new memories and intimation by changing into usable tort. Once intimation has been locked into the rain, It Is stored In the memory for later use. Stored memory: can be found outside of our awareness the majority of the time, except for when it needs to be used.

Retrieval process allows the human brain to bring memories that have been stored back Into awareness and conscious. Without the process of memory people would not be able to do their dally activities In which they need In order to survive In life Medium is the language that is used for communication it is designed to transmit information trot a speaker to a writer. Medium is the sender, audience and receiver _ My perception was tar trot the actual tact’s when thought that my ¶trained tell the like he was so much in love with me but in reality it was lie.

Going into our second year of our relationship my boyfriend told me that he wasn’t in love with me he said that he really liked me but he didn’t love me because he does not know what love is. When he told me this I did not know what to do I felt very heartbroken and confused. Outline your own perceptual process. What did you think was goingon? I thought that our feelings were mutual, I thought that he and I were building a throng relationship and one day we were going to get married. What was really going on?

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Our relationship was based on a lie he made me believe that his feelings were mutual butin reality he was living a lie, he was playing games with my heart. Why was there such a difference? I believed that our relationship was going good and that we were in love. Meanwhile his feelings were totally different and he was only with me because of the things I could do for him. How did language empower or limit the expression of your thoughts? Hearing the words come out verbally triggered my emotions, I felt angry and sad from he words he told me. What did you learn about your thinking by evaluating the situation again?

I learned that I could never trust him again, I also learned to reserve myself and not jump into things so quickly. Personal barriers are factors that prevent people from achieving their goals or it may cause them to behave rationally about a situation. Personal barriers are difficult to get rid of because they result from habits and thought patterns. Recognizing personal barriers in order to help with success in relationships, finances and personal development is the best way for human beings to be able to remove arsenal barriers from their life.

Thoughts are when people come up with ideas and opinions in their head thoughts are produced when thinking occurs in the mind. Thoughts can also be described as a mental picture that is contemplated. Thoughts decisions. My thoughts were influenced by the personal barrier denial. I was in denial about the things my boyfriend told me. My personal barrier would not allow my thoughts to register clearly I was in denial about my feelings, I didn’t want to believe the truth. Thoughts can be manipulated by personal barriers when the mind doesn’t allow the rain to deal with the situation a move.

Instead of moving on our personal barriers take over our mind in which it causes us to lash out and make hasty decisions. Critical thinking is a very crucial topic it helps people understand how the human brain works. Without the thinking process our life would be a vegetable. Thinking help us be able to survive in the world and learn from our mistakes. References Kirby, G. R. , & Godparent,J. R. (2007). Thinking: An interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking (4th De. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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