Nature vs. Nurture -A Comparison of Four Serial Killers

4 April 2015
A comparison of four serial killers: Bobby Joe Long, Henry Lee Lucas, Otis Toole and Edmund Kemper, using their backgrounds to discuss many different sociological and criminal theories.

This paper presents in great detail, the life and crimes of four serial killers. By using various theories, the author tries to find reason or cause for these crimes. Sociological and criminal theories include – head trauma, Patterns of Episodic Aggressive Behavior, Picquerism, Theory of Violence & Childhood Abuse, mental retardation, the Triad, cross dressing & cannibalism and finally environment of abuse, childhood trauma & isolation.
“Robert Joe Long was born on October 14,1953 in Kenova, West Virginia. He had a rather unremarkable childhood as serial killers go – he was not a victim of any psychological or physical abuse. Bobby Joe was however, a victim of a series of physical injuries. These injuries are what eventually led Bobby Joe down the bloody path of rape and murder.”

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