Negative Impact of Technology on Everyday Life

10 October 2016

Also, dependence on high technology has rid of the need for everyday in-the-home skills, things like cooking, dishwashing, and even cleaning. In addition, technology can have a great negative impact on family life. Although technology has widened opportunities for America’s everyday life, American intelligence has greatly declined due to the amount of work high technology minimizes that no longer requires us to use our abilities to think, memorize, learn, or even work. The technology era is damaging the average Americans brain. “Why do we need to learn this, all I have to do is Google it! How many times is this repeated daily in classrooms all over the world? Who can be sure, possibly more times than one can count on their own unless maybe of course there’s a calculator handy. The position of teachers everywhere around the world is becoming more useless every single day. Children no longer feel the need to tune in during class time knowing they have access to all the answers they could possibly need at the click of a button at any time. With online mathematical equation generators, book answers, and scientific calculators, the need for a math teacher is quickly diminishing.

Computers now have spell and grammar check in which fix any word spelt or used incorrectly, and any wrongly written sentences, leaving grammar teachers with nothing to teach. Also, book and poem analysis and any old language translations can be found on the web with just one search making it hard for literature teachers to enforce their students to read, analyze, and think. One thing widely gone unnoticed is the measure of importance for teachers to pass on interpersonal and basic everyday off-technology skills in which technology can not impart.

Negative Impact of Technology on Everyday Life Essay Example

Nathaniel Wilkinson gives his say about technology depriving children of these everyday skills in saying, “Now I like the idea of having the computer to reinforce the knowledge already possessed by my students but using it in place of human interaction will only dull the students sense of respect for authority and interaction between live human beings and themselves” (Wilkinson). Children and teenagers have become so concerned in technology that they block out everything else teachers have to offer, missing out on these learnt traits of human interaction and verbal learning skills.

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