Negotiation Techniques and Third-Party Intervention

6 June 2017

Negotiation Techniques and Third-Party Intervention Some of the techniques that can be used to lessen a person’s reluctance In order to avoid the need for a third party to intervene and manage negotiations are: not negotiating or postponing negotiations until there Is an Indication that there Is something to gain that may not be possible to be gained through other alternatives.

Reluctance is at times considered reversed psychology and it is recommended not to fall victim of this trap, one must prepare well and take comfort, and not appear to be anxious in the face of your counterpart _ These techniques are consistent with the estimation process in the sense that if the other persons attitude does not change to coincide with yours, negotiations should be terminated, by simply refusing to negotiate In the style dictated by the other side. Negotiations can be terminated completely or postponed, with the condition author requirements regarding approach or process will be met.

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Sing these techniques and knowing your alternatives during the negotiation process can pay off big. Considering the event of this situation, I would let the other company know of my concerns regarding the tone, and attitude of reluctance from a member of their team. If the matter if not corrected within reasonable time, I would postpone negotiations for a later date (If time permits) while also designating the location for the meeting and provide the conditions regarding the current Issues.

If by then the person’s attitude still does not coincide with mine, I wall analyze how Important cleaving this goal Is and It there are any other alternatives to gain the desired results. Depending on the outcome of the analysis I can then decide to accept the changes without involving a third party or refuse to negotiate until requirements are met. If the attitude of reluctance changes o a more cooperative attitude, negotiations can proceed, while still maintaining a close eye on the person that was previously reluctant.

There is a high possibility that the person, who earlier displayed an unacceptable attitude, can now view the solution as a contest. Therefore, one must have to control responses to the various intimidating and manipulative tactics that may be used against you. In such case, a concentrated effort should be made to use counter tactics designed to emphasize that you have what the company needs . Lastly, it should be confirmed at the outset hat the goal is for a complete agreement and that each issue or solution is tentative until the entire matter is addressed and agreed upon.

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