Nelly Furtado – Whoa Nelly!

9 September 2019

Ifyou’re looking for something fresh, original and emotionally breathtaking, thisalbum is for you. Nelly Furtado brings upbeat and complicated lyrics to the musicworld with empathetic songs such as “I’m Like a Bird,” and “On theRadio.” Her lyrics come deep from the soul and the music itself is unlikeanything you’ve ever heard. With lyrics such as “I remember the days when Iwas so eager to satisfy you and be less than I was just to prove I could walkbeside you,” who wouldn’t want to listen?

“Whoa Nelly!” isdiverse and full of songs everyone can relate to. It’s Furtado’s first album, andsurely she has a big musical future ahead, and the public is listening. Furtadotakes the struggles of everyday life and turns them into learning experiences.

The album leaves the listener speechless and with a lot to think about.With “I’m Like a Bird” and “Turn Off the Light” already hitsingles, Furtado undoubtedly has more on the way from this album. Her voice:powerful and explosive. Her lyrics: complicated and emotionally touching. Themusic: charismatic and fresh. This is one album you’ll never forget.

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