Nero & The Great Fire

4 April 2015
Role of corrupt Roman emperor in start, spread & aftermath of fire which burned city in 64 AD.

Of all the Roman emperors, very few are better known today than Nero. Perhaps none is more familiar as a popular image and personality. Even Augustus is a colorless figure to most people, hardly more than a name, lost in the shadow of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. In contrast, Nero endures in the popular culture as the symbol of Roman decadence: hedonism in food, drink, and above all sex; lurid spectacles; persecution of Christians. Everything that Hollywood loves about Rome is exemplified in the popular image of Nero, and though the Roman Empire did not actually fall till four hundred years after Nero’s death, it is the Neronian image that most people have in mind when they imagine the Fall of Rome.

Nero & The Great Fire Essay Example

A variety of factors have led to Nero’s special prominence as the human symbol of Roman decadence. Petronius Arbiter, whose…

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