Nestea – Marketing Mix Sample Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Nestea is a trade name of iced tea manufactured by Nestle and distributed by Nestle company’s drinks section in the Unites States. It competes with Uniliver/Pepsico’s and more significantly against Lipton Iced Tea. Nestea provides to the consumers a broad assortment of “tea products” : in regular and diet signifiers. including liquid and powdery tea dressed ores and ready-to-drink bottles dispensed by seller or in a machine ( This are the most often used ) . The drink is available in a broad scope of spirits and presents is one of the most good known’s drinks in the universe.


So the merchandise Nestea offers is an iced tea made out of tea. lemon. sugar and soft H2O. Nestea is a cold drink with a really good visual aspect and gustatory sensation. it is really similar to a cold tea nevertheless it contains some flavorers that makes it alone. Its visual aspect its similar to a tea ( chocolate-brown colour ) and it is normally packaged either on a Tetra Pack.

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a Fictile bottle or a Tin battalion. Apart from its great gustatory sensation Nestea is strictly manufactured with natural flavorers and is wholly free fat. due to this factor a regular use of the merchandise will assist consumers to cut down Calories. therefore we can state Nestea is healthy for consumers. Nestea offers a broad scope of spirits ; from a lemon gustatory sensation to even a Prunus persica gustatory sensation. and non merely that. Nestea has besides created a sugar free merchandise that can be drink by those enduring from diabetes.

Nestea’s Product Lifecycle is now in the stage of debut where they are get downing to establish their merchandises in the predominating market of Pakistan

Nestea is seeing by the clients as a comparatively inexpensive merchandise that can be consumed practically every twenty-four hours. This is the ground for why Nestea is so popular amongst all of us.

Monetary value

As far for monetary value of Nestea. I think they should be believing it as portion of their fiscal program. For know. I have two possibilities they should cover. the first 1 is a value base pricing where they should carry on client study and asked them what will be the suited monetary value for their merchandise. The other one is the cost base pricing where they should cipher both the variable and fixed cost after adding sensible border.


In order to be able and compete with other merchandises. there are a figure of promotional methods Nestea should near.


Ads in Newspapers. Magazines and gross revenues publicity will be tools of publicity. A goos illustration is when Nestea is about to establish a new merchandise. they should concentrate the initial months to make consciousness among the consumers so that people know what you are traveling to offer them. And to maintain the merchandise they already have traveling. they should maintain with advertisments on the media and they could besides make inducements in different events.

Gross saless publicities.

Nestea should concentrate on puting their merchandise on each a every store possible.

Topographic point

The first thing to take into history is where is traveling to be developed the merchandise. The best manner to hold the greater net income is to make mills on LEDC ( Less Economic Developed Countries ) so that the cost of production corsets low. The merchandise should be so served in the market through super markets and section shops. Nestea should concentrate on selling in the most topographic points possible as it is already a good known trade name and it will be successful anyplace.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer biscuit saloon sweet that was created by Rowntree’s of York. England. and is now produced worldwide by Nestle . which acquired Rowntree in 1988. except in the United States where it is made under license by The Hershey Company. Each saloon consists of fingers composed of three beds of wafer. covered in an outer bed of cocoa. Each finger can be snapped from the saloon individually. Bars typically have 2 or 4 fingers. Single fingered larger Kit Kat Chunky bars are besides popular


Kit Kat is a really good known trade name that offers the clients a lovely chocolate peanut butter saloon. It is packaged in a ruddy plastic that truly stands out from the remainder. but what makes Kit Kat so celebrated is its celebrated visual aspect – as a four finger cocoa saloon. So no affair how effectual the publicity and packaging are for other trade names. a house will happen it really hard to market a merchandise which fails to fulfill a consumer demand. And like I’ve told you before Kit Kat owes much of its success to a alone double entreaty – as a four-finger cocoa saloon. but besides as a two-finger biscuit sold in supermarkets. It is a merchandise that its appealing to all the group age ranges. KITKAT is sold in 11g. 17g and 35g finger bars and KITKAT Chunky is available in 46g saloon.


So I think Kit Kat should take the same attack as Nestea. and the first thing they should make is to happen what clients are willing to pay for their cocoa saloon. However by holding such a strong trade name. people are traveling to maintain purchasing the merchandise if the award additions. therefore we can state there is a greater grade of flexibleness in the pricing scheme. But Kit Kat has decided to maintain their award the same. as when looking at the pricing scheme for Kit Kat. it can be seen from the figures that the existent monetary value has remained unusually stable over the last many old ages.

Topographic point

So one time once more by holding such a well known merchandise the purpose of Nestle should be to administer Kit Kat in the most possible topographic points and shops. Their aim should be to let consumers to purchase their merchandise wherever they want and whenever they want.

Internationally. Kit Kat is manufactured in Canada. Germany. India. Malaysia. China. Japan. Australia. South Africa and the United States. It is available in more than 100 states throughout the World.


Nestle has used a broad scope of promotional tactics with Kit Kat. Promotion offers have included free bars in events and eating houses so that even more people get to savor this merchandise. This publicity scheme has left a great impact on the consumers because there were many of them who ne’er got a gustatory sensation of kit khat and due to this scheme company has gained many clients. Kit Kat’s advertisement is concentrated in following Medias:

Television commercials ( really few )

Posters and hoardings where the powerful colourss of the battalion and merchandise are used to

dramatise the message
Magazines & A ; Newspapers


Dove is a personal attention trade name owned by Unilever. Dove merchandises are manufactured in Argentina. Australia. Brazil. Canada. Germany. India. Indonesia. Ireland. Netherlands. Pakistan. Thailand. Turkey and United States. The merchandises are sold in more than 35 states and are offered for both adult females and work forces. The Dove hallmark and trade name name is presently owned by Unilever. Dove’s logo is a silhouette profile of the brand’s namesake bird. the colour of which frequently varies.


In this instance the merchandise I’m traveling to look over are Dove Cream. So Dove Cream is pick that contain certain ingredients and benefits that makes the faces soft and look more beautiful. Before the creative activity of Dove Cream all picks were available in jar packaging. and they were the 1s who incorporated the Tube Packaging. This was a great betterment in the decorative merchandises as jar’s are non easy no clasp in manus and therefore they are hard to utilize.

Monetary value

As I’ve told you before there a certain attacks a company should follow in order to give a award to his merchandise. In this instance I think what Dove should make are 2 things:

Like we saw before a great manner to repair a merchandise is to see what the consumers are willing to pay for that merchandise.

In the instance of Dove I think waht they should it to analyse the rivals monetary value and so make and avarage of the price’s. Dove is non a really expensive trade name and hence they shouldn’t give their merchandise a high value.


Dove pick is normally used by females. therefore a great manner to advance themselves is by printing adds on female newspapers such as chitchat documents or beauty. making Television adds so that they are shown during female plans etc. And the other manner of advancing their merchandise is by leting their consumers to seek their merchandise. a good illustration is to give free samples on events or when you buy magazine.


The merchandise should be placed everyplace in the market. The company should aim those markets which are non captured by Dove Cream. this fundamentally means spread outing their merchandises into other topographic points so that more people get to cognize their merchandise.

SouthWest Trains

South West Trains operates around 1. 600 trains a twenty-four hours on a web in the South and South West England. We serve more than 200 Stationss and employ around 4. 500 people. The South West Trains web includes paths through Hampshire. Surrey. Dorset. Wiltshire. Berkshire. Devon. Somerset. and Greater London. functioning a mixture of commuters and longer-distance travelers.


South West Train’s is a really good known company in England which fundamentally offers the clients the ability to travel all over the SouthWest of England by train. They have over 7 types of trains with different features. However a interesting thing about their trains is that they all painted with the same form and colourss ( xanthous. blue. orange and ruddy ) .

Monetary value

South West Train’s tickets are comparatively inexpensive. and even though they are the lone 1s in control of the trains in the South West of England they keep their monetary values low. They do this because if monetary values were to high people would prefer to travel by auto or even by cab. However if they wanted to increase their monetary values the company should take a batch of attention so the people would go on utilizing their services. Just like with the last 3 merchandises I’ve looked what they should make is take some sort o study to see what people would pay for a standard ticket. Topographic point

The company should do certain that they have a train station in most cities/towns/villages of the south West of England so that everyone can hold entree to their services. So there is non truly a right topographic point but alternatively they should do certain that most people can entree their services.


This is already a really strong trade name in England and they don’t truly have to advance themselves in order to acquire other people to cognize them. Alternatively they have advertise themselves to promote people to utilize their services. A great manner is to make advertizements for all sorts of Media so that everyone can see them and to patronize squads such as association football squads so that people get to see that traveling by train is really efficient manner of traveling.


The strength of their concern is built on the high quality of their employees. Their occupation is to supply the clients the best service possible and to do certain they feel comfy while they are utilizing their services – and play an of import function in pulling more people to the benefits of rail travel.

In order to accomplish that high quality services the south West trains have had to do certain their employees have the right accomplishments. cognition. experience and attack to supply a excellent service to the riders.

They besides offer equal chances in employment for all employees. Their equal chances policy ensures that all employees are treated reasonably and valued every bit irrespective of disablement. race. gender. wellness. societal category. sexual orientation. matrimonial position. nationality. faith or belief. employment position or age.

Physical Environment

During the past old ages SouthWest Trains have changed drastically their environmental policies. A great is illustration is the Carbon Management Programme were they have set cardinal public presentation indexs and marks to cut down their C footmark. Along with there they have set certain ends: Reduce their C footmark

Increase recycling
Improve consciousness on the environment amongst their staff.
So overall we can state that SouthWest Trains are bettering their environmental policies and therefore its physical environment is good.

This is fundamentally the mechanism. activities and processs involved in presenting the services. So the procedure in this company are the trains and the procedure of traveling from one topographic point to another Bupa

Bupa is a British health care organisation in the United Kingdom. with bases on three continents and more than ten million clients in over 190 states. It is a private health care company. an alternate to the UK’s National Health Service ( NHS ) . which is a tax-funded health care system.


The product/service Bupa offer is a private medical health care. It is a really good known company with over 11 million members all over the universe.

Monetary value

As it is a private company the cost is traveling to be somewhat higher than public medical attention. This trade name is so strong that they already that a fix monetary value and it will be really hard for them to alter it without the complains of their members. A good thought in this instance is to make a study inquiring their members if their monetary values are to high. if they are they should draw them down to fulfill what their consumers want.

Topographic point

Bupa should concentrate on making medical centres that are easy to acquire to and where there a batch of people so that most of them can entree their services. A good manner to make this is to analyze the population of a metropolis and see the most heavy countries.


This company should do certain that people get to cognize what their services provide and why they are better than the public sector. To make this they should publicize themselves in all types of media so that people see their service. and another great manner to carry people to utilize their service is to give them a free attempt.


So the people involve in this company are all the employees present ; this includes physicians. nurses etc. Once once more we see Bupa offers equal chances in employment for all employees. In order to accomplish that high quality medical services Bupa has to do certain their employees have the right accomplishments. cognition. experience and attack to supply a excellent service to the members.

Physical Environment

Bupa is seeing as a really clean and green company and is non unusual at all Bupa takes a batch of attention to do certain they are as environmentally friendly as possible. You merely have to look at their web page to see what i refer.

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